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Boooo Smugmug!


I am mortified. The website I use to host my pictures, Smugmug, made a fiasco out of a new format rollout today. They put out a video which was pumping up everyone about this fantastic new site, mostly self congratulatory by the way. So I go in today to upgrade and migrate only to find numerous problems, mainly zero instructions on how to do some basic things in order to get started. It is NOT intuitive for some things. And also it bombed out, deleted photos, and the list goes on. The smugmug forum is being bombarded with people complaining.

The most disappointing thing of all is they have eliminated their smugmug communities which was my favorite part. The communities I belonged to greatly helped me establish relationships with other people to learn and grow as a photographer.

This is a HUGE fail and I will now be forced to look elsewhere for a photo hosting site.

***For all you photographers out there on wordpress, I know you can purchase photography templates but I’m wondering how you like it. I’m considering using wordpress. Please take a moment to tell me what you love about it and what you don’t or what templates you like. I would really appreciate your feedback.***

Thank you!!



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

3 thoughts on “Boooo Smugmug!

  1. I use wordpress for the blog but am not familiar with wordpress photography templates. Let me know what you find out.

  2. I have two sites on WordPress, one for over three years… Just for Photography blogging. I love WordPress. One of the best free designs for photos in the Ideation and Intent theme. It is the design for my travel blog. If you want to see it you can get to it directly with I also have my “post anything site” call ShutterTron. The theme is Nishita. It’s a grey on grey design that does not impact on your photos like some color backgrounds can. I am a bit behind in posting the last several weeks. I moved from SC to TX and I’m swamped. But if you want to see two good WordPress themes (both FREE), have a look around. ShutterTron is at Good luck. I’m thinking of leaving SmugMug too. Hate that they removed the communities!

    • Thank you SO much for taking time out to give me this information! I really appreciate it. I took a look at your site and I love it! I really don’t care for most of the smugmug templates. Pink bokeh? Um no thanks, lol. I’m going to check the free ones out too. I really don’t think smugmug will reinstate the communities. 😦 Thanks again for cluing me in on the wordpress themes! Good luck with settling in. Keep in touch. I’ll follow your blog.

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