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Smugmug Ugh


Well, I’ve been sitting here working on my new smugmug site and I got it to a point where it’s almost fully functional.  Unfortunately, there is still the loss of the smugmug communities which is completely ridiculous.  I will wait to see if they reinstate them and if not then I’ll add my photos onto my regular website  ( and delete smugmug.  No reason to pay someone else to host my photos if there is no sense of community there.

Here’s the new website such as it is.  The search box still doesn’t work but I don’t have time to fiddle with it today.  My good friend Jacque designed my new logo and I have business cards on the way that she designed as well using my own picture on it.  Thanks, Jacque!  You’re the best!

LM card_Final

As far as the knee goes, that’s the least of my worries these days with these smugmug issues, LOL.  Actually, it’s been feeling really awesome.  I’ve given it a rest from working out because I want it to feel good for our upcoming Alaska trip.  And boy, I cannot WAIT to take photos!  Hopefully posting them on smugmug won’t be a hassle.  🙂


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

2 thoughts on “Smugmug Ugh

  1. have you had much response from SmugMug Customer Service?

    • Nothing. I’m looking into getting a new wordpress photography template and then dumping smugmug. Why should I pay for their non service! I’ve been really busy though and wish I knew how to find someone cheap to set this up for me, lol. What about you?

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