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Pigeon Point Lighthouse


Yesterday hubby took me on a drive down our beautiful California Coast from San Francisco to Santa Cruz.   Even though we can get crab sandwiches here, he kept saying he had a hankerin’ for a crab sandwich.  At first we weren’t sure we were going to go because the fog was kind of heavy, but it started lifting around 10:30 and I couldn’t believe the glorious day we had!   If you’ve never been along the California Coast, I would highly suggest this drive if you’re in the area.  Here’s a little map showing you the route.  We took Highway 1 along the coast which is probably about two hours+ even though it really isn’t that far.  The drive is filled with beautiful jagged coastline, beautiful hills, and also pristine beaches.

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 11.46.55 AM

One of the places we stopped at was Pigeon Point Lighthouse first lit November 15, 1872.   I brought my tripod, so I took three exposures of the lighthouse and created an HDR image which you can see below.  You can click on it to view it in a larger format.  Here’s more information on the lighthouse in case you’re interested!

It was a glorious day!  Oh and by the way, we had crab cakes instead.  🙂

Pigeon Point Lightouse…




 Surfers waiting for a wave…tree-web

Surfer relaxing after a hard day…


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

24 thoughts on “Pigeon Point Lighthouse

  1. Not made it to the west coast yet, but that is a great photo of the lighthouse. Good to see people getting out and about and enjoying the planet. MM 🍀

  2. Love the pic!

  3. Make that pics, especially the lighthouse……….wonderful composition.

  4. Love the lighthouse picture! can see that hanging on the living room wall in LARGE format. thanks for sharing

  5. This was “our” lighthouse when we lived in California. Know it very well!

    • Oh really? What made it yours? I love a good love story. 🙂

      • Every weekend for 2 years we drove a loop from home in Redwood City across to Half Moon Bay, south on Highway 1 to Santa Cruz and then across and up again to home. We stopped at every place there is along that coast – we know all the “secret” spots! 🙂

        • Cool! I’ve lived here all my life but only recently started getting more into photography. Now Im going back to the spots to take pics! lol

          • Your lighthouse photo is fantastic! It came out really gorgeous – you should get a metal print for the wall. What’s great about the drive is that every time you go the light and weather are different. One time at the lighthouse we saw the most unusual site in the fog for only 5 minutes. Go to this link and scroll down to the fog with sun halo and rainbow prism to see it: The docent couldn’t believe it! Even when it is stormy in winter the coast drive can be fun to watch the waves crash in. And hopefully you’ve visited Ano Nuevo for the elephant seals in winter.

          • Thank you for the compliment and WOW! That halo is amazing! And to think I work like a dog to remove halos from my HDR photos LOL!!! ;). Thank you for sharing this link. Much appreciated! It’s fun to see how other people see the same place with different conditions.

          • Good luck with the photos. I’ll enjoy them very much, especially since we don’t live in California any more. We do visit once a year for old time’s sake, plus we always enjoy Monterey and Santa Barbara.

  6. WOW! What a great HDR image. I especially like the sky and the pathway…they both keep the viewers eyes moving. Each time I look at it I see something new.

    • Thank you Joshi…I got your other comment to me about where I take classes. I am self taught with a class here and there. I particularly enjoy David Cross’s 30-day photoshop classes via Adobe. They’ve helped me become a better post processor. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your pictures! Thank you for your interest and compliment. 🙂

  7. I think these photographs are so GOOD! Love the surfers waiting for a wave too. What a wonderful place to visit as well.

  8. What a great photo! We have stopped here several times and love to see the 115 ft. lighthouse and the gorgeous succulents growing on the cliffs.

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