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Journey of a body on this earth

A Road To Fine Art ›› Molten Lake Point

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I can’t help but love Mabry Campbell’s photography….did I say I love it?? 🙂


A Road To Fine Art ›› Molten Lake Point

Recently I have received numerous requests across social media and different blogs asking “How did you do this?” and “Can I see your RAW file?”. In the past I have been reluctant to show this information, but it is not the past anymore! I am happy to share my RAW files and the image progressions with everyone. It is not a secret that I use the iSGM technique developed by Joel Tjintjelaar. Visit his website ( for step-by-step tutorials, books and architectural workshops. So here is my first image progression with some basic technical information on each step that I used to get to my vision of the building. I hope this helps answer some of the questions I have been asked and is informative to some degree to everyone. And I have to say it’s fun for me…

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

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