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Versatile Blogger Award!


My First Nomination!


Excitement about in the Laura Macky household!  Meticulousmick, has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award, which is the first time my blog has been nominated!  So a big “thank you” to Meticulousmick.  Please check out his blog and you will find engaging writing and beautiful photography to boot!

The rules of acceptance of this award are included at the bottom of this post.   Part of accepting this award, is to include seven facts about myself.  So here they are for your reading pleasure…

1.  I’ve played piano since I was four years old.
2.  I enjoy watching baseball, specifically the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A’s.
3.  I love sushi.
4.  My favorite color is red.
5.  I loathe clams and mussels.
6.  I saw Pink Floyd in LA in 1980.
7.  I have some double-jointed fingers.

My own 15 nominations.


We all know that some people don’t like awards and see them as chain letters, and that’s perfectly ok.  I understand and recognize that this trail will simply end here if that is your choice. However, I still wanted to include you on the list in order to highlight the worthiness of your own site.  So kudos to you!  Well deserved!  Have an awesome week, regardless of whether you choose to accept or not.  Thanks again to Meticulousmick. I really appreciate the nomination.  Now go have some fun @

RULES of Versatile Blogger Award  to be followed, if you accept:

1. Display the award image on your blog.
2. Mention/link-back to the blogger who nominated you.
3. Nominate another 15 bloggers you think deserve the award.
4. Inform your nominees that you have honored them with nominations.
5. Write 7 facts about yourself.

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

15 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award!

  1. That was quick Laura! MM 🍀

  2. Congratulations, coz! That’s really cool.

  3. I see we share some things in common Laura, I never saw Pink Floyd, but I think my husband did. I did David Bowie in the 80’s does that count?
    Congratulations on your award. Thank you so much for nominating. I don’t really do awards, but I have put a link to this page on my awards page, I hope that is okay.

  4. Thank you for the nice mention! -OM

  5. Yay! Well done my friend!

  6. Congratulations on your nomination Laura, it is well deserved! And thank you for recognizing Ruminations and Reckonings, I am truly appreciative.

  7. Congrats!! And thanks so much for including! It is an honor:)

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