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Warning:  This is a departure from the joy of the Christmas season!

The other morning I drove some miles away to take a picture of smoke coming out of a refinery.  I specifically went at 10 am to capture the light just right.  B&W is not something I do often, and in fact I haven’t done much since I started taking pictures.

Some day I hope we get away from needing these refineries.  As modern as I feel sometimes with my wireless, clouded, slimline devices, I realize how crude (literally) we really are in how we sustain our society.

More merriment in my next post, but for now….



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

16 thoughts on “Refinery

  1. The pollution being thrown out should make people think twice – good shot Laura, MM 🍀

  2. Great photo. Driven by so many times and never looked at it quite like this.

  3. Effective, you should try b&w more often

  4. That is a wonderful photo. The B&W is far more effective for this shot than it would have been in colour. 🙂

  5. That is a great picture so crisp and clear. One day we may not need the fuel but we do and at least it gives people jobs!

  6. The sense that I take away from your post is that many of us would rather live in our squeaky clean and convenience oriented cocoons and rather not “look ” at some of the dirty stuff which support our preferred existence. What would you ascribe such behaviour to ? Is it our predisposition to avoid facing uncomfortable issues? Or does it stem from ignorance and avoidance of responsibility?


    • Thank you for coming by my blog and taking the time to post, but I think you misread the emotion of my post, Shakti. The whole reason I posted this is to bring awareness to our “dirty stuff”.

  7. Love the tones Laura. Excellent B&W.

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