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Journey of a body on this earth



Sometimes I just can’t stop myself from snapping pictures…..rolling down the open highway, blue skies, and a sense of freedom.  That’s what iPhone photography has brought to the table.  Freedom to snap whenever we want to, capturing a moment in time that maybe we otherwise couldn’t.

Moving me down the highway
Rolling me down the highway
Moving ahead so life won’t pass me by
Like the North wind whistling down the sky…………..(lyrics by Jim Croce)



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

10 thoughts on “iPhoneauto-ography

  1. I’m on my way. Don’t know where. Don’t know why. Just rollin’ on down that lonesome road.

  2. Maybe the emphasis should be on the word shouldn’t. LOL You need to go see the exhibit at the Pier 24 Gallery in SF. It has one installation that includes all of the photos submitted in one day to Instagram. Here is the link to the current exhibition “Sense of Place” Image #8 shows a room full of each photo submitted that day. Pier 24 had them all printed out. This is a must show. You have to make reservations in advance.

    • Um yes lol….but I can say couldn’t since I was the passenger. :P. That exhibition looks very interesting! Thanks for the info and the heads up on the advance tix.

      • Passengers OK but still… You may have second thoughts after seeing the installation in the exhibit. By the way, no cost on seeing the gallery and it is worth staying the two hours or is it three that they allow you to stay. Down side, no benches to sit on. I stayed all but 10 minutes of the allotted time. It is more like a museum than a gallery. Read more on it before you book.

        • Oh shoot…no benches will be a toughy for me. I’m kinda struggling atm with my knee. Maybe it’s best I stick to ignorance is bliss. I’m always taking photos with my phone in the car…while the passenger that is. lol

          • Yes, I’m aware of the knee issue and that is why I mentioned the lack of benches. I’ll bet good money that if you let them know when you book on line of special needs, they will find you a light chair for you to nudge along with you. See the exhibit is REALLY worth it.

  3. Laura, come gather your award hidden under the Christmas tree. You can find all the details at: Have a great Christmas. MM 🎄

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