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Stairs of Telegraph Hill, San Francisco


Nothing like spending a day in San Francisco on a warm “winter” day.  This is crazy!  It was in the low 70’s!  We decided to have lunch at Sotto Mare (yes I’m giving them a plug because it’s a cool neighborhood seafood restaurant) and then we walked the stairs of Telegraph Hill.

There are a flock of parrots that have been living in these hills for quite sometime.  There was a book written about it and a documentary made as well.  You can read about this amazing story in this wiki:    We did see the parrots flying around from tree to tree and heard their squawking.  That was really fun.  However, since I decided to use my 35mm lens mostly to capture the staircase, there was no way to take pictures of them flying so far above our heads.

The stairs are quite steep and if you hike to the top you arrive at Coit Tower which is under construction and closed for a few months.  I didn’t go up the whole thing and did it sort of slowly because my replaced knee has been acting up.

Ivy on Wall

Telegraph Hill Stairs


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

24 thoughts on “Stairs of Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

  1. You were in the city yesterday too?

  2. Your legs enjoyed the hike, what about the knee? When are you suppose to go in for knee surgery?

  3. Looks like quite a climb…

  4. Looks like a nice walk. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Those stairs kicked my butt last time i was there! Of course I had already walked to Coit Tower from the Fairmont where we were staying. did not see the parrots that day but have seen the documentary, my gf follows the guy who had the parrots blog!

  6. Love the stair photograph..wonder what it would be like in B&W

  7. You did a great job with the images Laura, they look really good.

  8. Wonderful picture. The 70’s are still cold to me.

  9. You did better than I would have. My knees do not enjoy stairs at all.

  10. Going up and down those would have provided quite a workout! lol Thanks for sharing!



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