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Journey of a body on this earth

Stairs of Telegraph Hill (Sepia), San Francisco


My last post I showed the Stairs of Telegraph Hill in color.  I’ve been trying to work on converting color images to B&W or Sepia, basically monochromatic.  I’m putting the two photos side by side here so you can see.  Which one do you prefer?



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

23 thoughts on “Stairs of Telegraph Hill (Sepia), San Francisco

  1. I prefer the color image. I generally don’t like sepia images. I’m assuming that is what you are trying to do with the image on the left. The color image has greater dynamics and range.

  2. My vote is for the monochrome. This is a perfect subject for reduction to its graphic simplicity, and it grabs and holds my eye more firmly than the color version. Good stuff, Laura!

  3. My vote nudges the colour back in front. Definitely. MM 🍀

  4. The Colour … anyday…

  5. Love the color image!

  6. Didn’t I just comment about the step picture in B&W or are you reading my thoughts?

  7. I vote for the monochrome.
    That always brings out shapes a lot better and the stairs stand out a lot more.
    on the other hand – the deep rich colors are very nice too : )

  8. They look so much more dramatic in sepia 🙂

  9. I really like the color one in this instance. The contrast in colors is beautiful and really captures the eye.

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