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Muir Woods


Recently I’ve become a lot more appreciative of the outdoors and enjoy capturing beautiful places with my camera.  I love how images can reflect not just the place, but how one personally sees things.   While two people can be standing looking at the same tree, one may focus on the bark and how dark red it is and how the bark twists up as the tree rises to the sky.  The other person may notice the halo of light surrounding the tree which is being filtered through the trees behind it.

I hope you enjoy how I saw the forest!  You can read more about Muir Woods here:

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

25 thoughts on “Muir Woods

  1. I cannot blame you for falling in love the outdoors. These photos are just great and show your appreciation.

  2. You know…my dad always taught us during our backpack trips into the mountains, “…the beauty of forests and the majesty of the mountains is representative of God’s true cathedral”.
    It looks like you stepped into the cathedral while taking these wonderful captures. Bravo Laura!

    • Oh Dan…I have to admit this kind of made me cry. I’m a sap! (No pun intended haha…I just realized what I said when I typed that word!) But seriously, I love what your dad taught you. I felt it standing amongst those beautiful trees. Through the quietness and nature we can feel God. Thank you for saying this and enjoying the images. 🙂 And btw, there is a sign at one point along the path that says “Cathedral of Trees”!

  3. Your photos capture the majesty of the forest.

  4. Beautiful. A nice place for meditation. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The leaves highlighted by the slanting rays are evocative of a stained-glass window in your first image, while the interplay of light and shadow and the pastel subtleties in the second are like a fine watercolor. I’d love to see this place in person some day!

    • It’s a must see if you ever get to the SF Bay Area. It’s very near Stinson Beach, the photos I posted of the beach recently. In fact it is right next door amazingly enough!

  6. Was it incredibly crowded when you went? There were people everywhere on my visit.

  7. Lovely and very serene scenes.

  8. Muir Woods in one of the most beautiful places and a place where I feel small in relationship to those huge redwoods. You’ve accepted a very tough subject for yourself. I find forests to be overwhelming and extremely difficult to capture in part and impossible in the whole. Maybe using your wide angle would be answer to gaining different perspectives. Good luck with this.

  9. These are all beautiful shot and the first looks magical.

  10. #StunningPictures – Wish I was close to experience the visions you have captured. What a glorious place to be able to explore!

  11. A few years ago Richard and I met up with one of my sisters and a friend of hers to share some SF playtime. Pat (our friend) had one request for our tourism: tour Alcatraz. Me, I had zero interest in it. But what the heck, we were all there together and that was Pat’s only Item. So we decided to do the Grey Line pkg tour to Muir Woods. SO glad we did! The woods were so peaceful and majestic. I was amazed at how wonderful the Alcatraz visit was; the history and the famous interiors were more intriguing than I’d ever expected, but the landscape, the history of the island itself, and the support of the flora and fauna were really impressive and beautiful, all aspects I’d never known at all. To follow that with the time at Muir Woods was a joy. We were especially lucky, happening on a nearly-empty tour day, so with the consent of our group, we not only had a great little lunch stop in Sausalito and our grand tour of Alcatraz and the Woods but the driver made a detour on the way home and took us out to an otherwise empty beach to soak up the sunset in peaceful companionability. Such a great day, and we ended it with a spectacular SF dinner. Heaven. The crown jewel of the day was pretty much that short time spent strolling in the Woods. Than you for the great memories!!!

    • Your trip sounds really great, and I’m so glad you enjoyed my neck of the woods! Yes, I couldn’t resist that pun, lol. I’ve been to Alcatraz and have stood in Al Capone’s cell, although I don’t think they allow you to do that anymore but I could be wrong since I haven’t been there in a long time. Isn’t it funny when we think we know what we want, we really don’t? I’m learning that lately about lots of things. It’s good you went on a nearly-empty tour day….it can be a zoo especially getting in and out on the road. It makes me happy that I could bring back such fond memories for you! Yay!

  12. Ever been up to Humboldt or Del Norte redwoods? About 120 feet taller than any tree in Muir Woods, and trunks literally 20 to 30 feet wide. If not yet, let Muir keep your passion fueled for the future.

    M. D. Vaden / Redwood Explorer

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