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Moon Rising in the East


The other night a golden light cast through our living room window which made me turn my head to see what it was.  To my surprise, a huge moon started rising in the eastern sky!  I skillfully jumped up out of my chair to grab my camera, and I’m sure I would’ve gotten a 10 from the judges had they seen how gracefully and quickly I went for the camera.  I almost did a triple lutz on my way, but I decided to forgo the extra points.  😛


Moon Rising in the East

Moon Rising in the East

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

41 thoughts on “Moon Rising in the East

  1. Great story, better photograph. But then I am biased 🙂

  2. Well done. The judge from Australia awards you 10/10.

  3. I was in my ladder truck in Berkeley when I saw the same moon… I almost howled!

  4. Ok…0 pts for forgoing the triple lutz, but a perfect 10 for the capture. You even got stars! Can I ask your settings? Specifically ISO? Bravo Laura. Nicely done :-))

    • I’m glad you asked me because I just noticed I accidentally had my meter on spot after checking the metadata. Silly me….I’m changing that right now! I had it on spot when I took that burl in a dish. This photo was 7.1, .02s, -4.6 EV. Sshhh….I put the stars in after. 😉

      • Nice exposure nonetheless. Thanks for sharing the details, but….ISO? The reason I ask is the image seems pretty sharp…not grainy at all. And to adjust the EV that low, it all seems to work really well. Talent galore is all I can say. And nice work stitching in the stars (and I’m certainly not telling a soul) 🙂

        • Oh yes, ISO always low for moon shots. I think it was probably 200 or so? I’d have to check the data but normally for moon shots I keep the ISO around there. And thank you for the stitching compliment! But go figure…I can’t even sew a button on a shirt. 😛

  5. You had us all lined up for your master class on photos of the moon and stars! That was my immediate question….how?

    • Well, I usually underexpose slightly but I meter not the very dark area and not the moon…I metered somewhere in the lighter blue part of the sky. Then photoshop takes over lol.

  6. I love love love this photo! Haha forgot the triple probably a good thing with your new knee! A perfect score on the picture though!

  7. An amazing sunrise. Wow.

  8. That’s a great view

  9. Beautiful capture the tree give it an eerie look…. i love it…

  10. So tranquil, good exposure, it is hard to keep the moon from bowing out.

  11. Love the skeleton tree in front of the moon. MM🍀

  12. I hope you’ll always keep in mind that a camera in hand is worth bonus points when doing either a Lutz or a toe loop, but that’s because of the greatly increased DD (degree of danger, not just difficulty), so you were wise to forego it. Not least of all because you still got a really spectacular shot! Hurray!!!

  13. Desde Lossentidosdelavida te he nominado a Versatile Blogger Award gracias por seguirme, es el mejor premio.

  14. I love the full moon, beautiful composition…well worth the dash for the camera. Probably was good idea to forgo the extra points…maybe next time. 🙂

  15. Beautiful shot! I’m glad you got your camera out quickly! Great composition and dramatic light.

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