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Journey of a body on this earth

This is for the birds…AGAIN!


I received such great feedback from some of you on how to improve this owl shot.  I’ve incorporated the suggestions into this photo, and hopefully it’s improved since the last post(s).  Yes POSTS plural!  Hopefully I’ll lay this owl to rest after this, haha.

Redo of Owl

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

39 thoughts on “This is for the birds…AGAIN!

  1. that is an awesome shot, a very sweet bird, great capture, well done !

  2. My goodness, they really are so pretty!

  3. Ok, you have permission to yell at me as I’m going to be negative one. The areas surrounding the owl is now so dark makes me want to see more of the owl. I realize that is not possible because I’ve seen the other images. If on the other hand you wanted to create an eerie and surreal image then you’ve accomplished that.

    • Well, everyone does have their opinion and I think I see what you mean, but at this point it’s a preference. I wanted the viewer to feel like they are seeing something special inside something which meant only a hint at the surroundings. All I know is I’m done looking at this owl! lol

      • I’ll happily join you in looking at the no more. By the way NIK CS said no ability to change size. They recommended loading trial. I did and type and panels OK to read.

        • Oh great about Nik. I always think the trial is best. Did you get the whole suite to try out? Nik Silver Efex Pro 2, Color Efex, HDR, etc.? Or only one of them?

          • I got them all. I’ve been reviewing the Silver and the Color videos. I then try out my own photos using what I’ve tried to learn. I’ve got less time to do this as my wife as a presentation to do in Woodside tomorrow night, then spend the night with her sister in Castro Valley, then to SF for gallery looking, then home.

  4. The photo is beautiful! It was great to see how it evolved 🙂

  5. Perfect.
    This would have looked great in my Father’s ‘Addams Family’ Victorian. Fabulous stuff.

    • Lol thank you! Sometimes it’s fun expanding ones horizons just to see what’s possible. I do know that I’m tired of looking at this owl. Lol. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  6. Not sure I agree with every one… if you’re going for an arty photo yes then I like it… but as a bird photo I think its ID is lost… but to all his own…

  7. You missed a dust spot…..LOL No way. This is just great Laura. Much better than the first B&W. I change my vote to this one. Bravo my dear.

  8. Hi Laura, this is my first comment on anyone’s work in more than a week, I’ve been so busy. And what a beautiful way to start catching up on what I’ve been missing. Jumping back into the fray at this point, I have the advantage of being able to review all of the dialogue that’s been going on. I wish I could have contributed earlier in the process, but that wasn’t in the cards. Let me just say that, in my opinion, your final offering is the best by far, thanks to your patience and perseverance and your willingness to consider the opinions of your other followers. For me–definitely monochrome, and the higher contrast is just what it needed. The dark vignette my be a bit too strong for some, but I think it works very well. Very nicely done!

    • Thank you so much and I’m flattered that you’d choose mine to comment on after returning to the fray. 🙂 I’ve looked at these owl photos so much, I’m not sure what I think anymore, but someone had pointed out that the owl wasn’t truly the focus in the others and asked me what I was looking to show. I finally realized I wanted to have the feeling of peaking inside and seeing the owl, so the owl needed to be the focus, not the barn. Then I felt the shot needed more of an artsy quality, so I gave it the strong vignette. At least there was a method to my madness, lol. Thank you!

  9. Nice, but I think I still prefer the colour version.

  10. He/she looks like they are smiling.

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