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Falconing Day


The other day we went falconing!  I’m not even sure it’s a real word but let’s just say it is in this blog.  🙂   When I first heard the suggestion I thought, “Huh?  How does one do that?”  Records of Falconry (taking prey with a trained raptor) have been found from as early as 2000 BC!  It is generally accepted that the origins of falconry began in China and Mongolia and then came to Europe later on.

The place we handled the falcon is called West Coast Falconry in Marysville, California which is about two hours northeast of San Francisco.  A perfect little day trip.  The women who run this place are amazing and have a complete love for what they do.  Here’s a link in case you’re interested in more…

The bird we handled this day was named Diego.  Once when Diego was flying to someone else in the group, I felt the brush of his wing as he flew by me.  That was somehow much more thrilling than when he actually landed on my glove.

I didn’t want to post pics of people here who didn’t consent, although I did include one of my hubby!  Hi honey!  Hope you don’t mind!  lol   Also included is a picture of an old trailer.  I’m not quite sure what year it is but I saw it on the property and couldn’t resist a photo.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

25 thoughts on “Falconing Day

  1. Sounds wonderful.
    I saw another blogger who posted about falconing a couple of months ago. Could have been Cindy Knoke.
    It looks amazing. Pleased you had a great time.

  2. wHAT A BEAK!!

  3. Fabulous! I am thrilled to meet someone else who did this! I’ve just installed barn owl boxes! Love the birdies!

  4. Oh, I am so jealous! I want to take a falconry course at Pacific Northwest Raptors. I’m aiming for a week long one.

    Thank you for sharing and the pictures!

    • How cool! That sounds like a lot of fun. It’s really amazing and I wish I had more time when we were there. I can’t wait till you do it so I can read all about it. 😀

  5. Oh, falconry! It evokes such romantic images of carrying the bird on one”s wrist while astride a horse, off into the meadows and valleys and glens in search of prey. I watched a display of this art in Slovakia. It was thrilling when the falcons swooped by.

  6. Always been fascinated by this pastime–one of the earliest on record, as you point out. The Mongolians do it with trained eagles! Thanks for the nice photos.

  7. This would be a place that would see me often… love the photos…

  8. Laura, that is a great day out – did it in Bonnie Scotland and we loved it. MM 🍀

    • It’s amazing how many people are commenting that they have done this! I had never even known one could do that. I’d only seen it in movies. 🙂 Glad you had a good time! Birds of a feather……..🐤

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