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The Church


The other day we were walking around a cute little area in Oakland after having ice cream and I saw this church.   I’ve “seen” this church over the years probably since I was about seven but never really looked at it.  Fortunately I had my camera, so I took a few shots as the sun was setting in the west.   My mission lately is to see the light on things and to expand my horizons with black and white photography.  I think it’s a good exercise to step out of my comfort zone and try something new.  I really want to improve and hope this exercise will get me there………eventually.  🙂

Church in Oakland, California

Church in Oakland, California


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

40 thoughts on “The Church

  1. Well if this is your start you haven’t far to go to perfection… this is a brilliant composure…

  2. nice imagery!
    & i’ve enjoyed
    the frozen desserts
    in that neighborhood 🙂

  3. Laura, I like the composition on this image a lot. However, on my screen the whites on the upper border of the building in the foreground are almost blown out and the darks are too dark to see the texture. It could be and probably is my screen. I also like the moodiness of the sky. Good luck with your endeavor into new directions. At least you’ll get more exercise by walking more – trusting to a positive knee.

    • I purposefully blew them out for effect. While I love the very realistic B&W’s, I was trying to be artful, but like I said it’s a learning process, so I appreciate the feedback.

  4. As I mentioned on Google +, I love the contrast giving the architecture a strong, solid feel. As viewers, we’ll all have our interpretation of what we see. I kinda like the almost “infrared” contrast feel of the image (strong whites and dark darks). I agree that the composition is perfect! Bravo my friend!

  5. Allways nice to try something new! it looks good!

  6. Excellent shot and great angles.

  7. Agree that we should all get out of our comfort zone, and be pleasantly surprised. MM 🍀

  8. I really like the shadows you have capture in this image. You are on your way to wonderful black and whites. These seem to share story and a sense of drama.

  9. It is very Spanish in its architecture isn’t it?
    Very beautiful though.

  10. I like the tones and shadows here.

  11. Is that across from Fentons?

  12. You captured the special shading and form of this architecture perfectly in B&W.

  13. i first saw on Google+

  14. The contrast was fantastic, harkening back to Ansel Adams…!

  15. Wow! This is in Oakland? Double Wow!
    Great photo laura.

  16. what a beautiful photo, looks like a weston or adams print!

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