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Lines and Patterns and Cars, Oh My


I’m on a black and white mission!

The other day I went to a location to take pictures of a temple, however, I was completely uninspired as I fired off some shots of the building.  I even took some long exposures but there weren’t any clouds in the sky where I needed them to be, and the photos just looked “meh”.   Thinking it was a wasted trip, I was off to find my car in order to leave when all of a sudden I stopped at the point you see below and said to myself, “there’s the shot!”

I remember someone once telling me that even if you think you are going for a particular shot, keep looking around because often the shot you go for isn’t the one you end up liking.  At least for a little old hobbyist like myself.  😛

All Lined Up

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

57 thoughts on “Lines and Patterns and Cars, Oh My

  1. Sweet symmetry and leading lines. I like this in black and white. It helps you focus just on the lines leading into the cars. Great photo!!

  2. Great use of lines. Always nice to focus on the details, we miss in our daily lives!

  3. This once again shows your ability to see a good composition… I think this shot is brilliant…

  4. I went for a photo walk with some fellow photographers today and I actually ended up with quite a few lines & pattern shots. There’s nice and strong lines in your photo. I like it.

  5. I’m just plain jealous that you see these shots and capture them perfectly. I’m still trying to find the button on my camera 🙂

  6. You have turned a very boring scene into something really interesting with great use of lines. Great stuff Laura, MM 🍀

  7. You transformed something we ignore most every day into something very hypnotic!

  8. this is so amazing.
    (wish it were mine)


  9. Simply. Spectacular. Adore the composition, the graphic crispness. The inherently racy quality. Love it, Laura.

  10. Lines and Patterns and Cars, this is very nice blog for information i love this very much thanks for sharing this.

  11. Very nice. Never stop looking. 🙂

  12. Absolutely awesome shot Laura. I’m glad you stopped to look around.

  13. A graphic image indeed, as the lines and angles contrast nicely with the curves at the fronts of the cars.

  14. This is an excellent geometric composition. I you have processed it beautifully, bringing out a wide range of tones.

    • Thank you so much! B&W has stretched me a bit to see things in new ways. I love landscapes and color but it’s nice to challenge oneself in many different ways I think. A photographer friend gave me ideas for the sky as the original sky was a bit boring. People have been so gracious with their suggestions. Mostly lol.

  15. Got here due to the crosspost by Leanne Cole.. and i must say i absolutely love this picture.. it is so stunningly beautiful and looks simple, but i wouldnt think of this myself.. so kudos to you for this briljant picture! Truely amazing 🙂

    Time to follow your blog as well, cause i bet you have some more ‘tricks’ up your sleeve 🙂

    All the best!

  16. Great shot Laura. Found you via Leanne’s site…..and I’m now following.

  17. Fabulous image Laura! Great leading lines and rhythm! I love it and it is especially nice in black and white! Robyn

  18. Great post, man. Can’t wait for your upcoming one.

  19. Nice composition… like the patterns.

  20. Very cool contrast:) like it.

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    Happy birthday to my very talented friend Laura Macky!

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    Everyone Please as a personal favour to me check out my friend Laura’s Blog post , it is her birthday and i want to make it so she has a good one 🙂

  23. Happy birthday, I love my B& W pictures, it shows the uncut beauty that most people overlook. Nice!

  24. Dazzling write-up. Exactly what are your own resources? Normally
    think it is just a little hard to start

  25. Fine point. Couldn’t agree more.

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