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Journey of a body on this earth

Art Deco Doors


I love doors….they can say a lot about what’s on the inside.  Not always, but a lot of times it’s the case.  These doors are on the outside of the Mormon Temple in Oakland….a temple I’ll never be able to enter because non-Mormons are forbidden to enter.  I’m sure a lightening bolt would come down from the heavens and strike me if I tried to open that door, lol.

Art Deco Doors

Art Deco Doors


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

34 thoughts on “Art Deco Doors

  1. Nice shot and composition – I like that you included the text as it underscores the figurative emphasis to the literal bars that block your way.

  2. I don’t think there would be any lightening bolts to strike down such a nice person… want to take a chance?…lol

  3. Nice image Laura. What…no selfie in the window? Nice work 🙂

  4. Nice contrast between light and shadows, Laura

  5. Lovely doors, lovely reflections and great use of B&W!

  6. Nice image. I really like this period. These doors would look super cool on a house.

  7. In a past life, I have been inside (not that one though).
    It is just as beautiful inside as out.

  8. the shadows add to the beauty 🙂

  9. Is that a natural reflection, or is there reflective film on the glass? Either way, it adds interest to the shot.

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