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Painted Flowers


Spring has somewhat sprung around here with various blooms, mostly cherry trees.  The other evening I was out walking around, took some pics and decided to try my hand at making them seem painted in photoshop.  It’s something different for me, but I enjoy trying new things.  Here’s one I thought came out the best.

Painted Flowers

Painted Flowers

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

36 thoughts on “Painted Flowers

  1. The trees think it’s Spring.. The hills are green once again thank goodness. Nice pic!

  2. Enjoyed the “painted” picture although I think the original must have been beautiful… looks as though you got good depth of vision on that shot…

  3. I love the dof ( f1.8?). the blossoms are a delight to finally be seeing!! Persephone rises!!

  4. Softly beautiful! Nice bokeh and composition. Bravo Laura!

  5. Very nice. Can’t wait for Spring!

  6. So jealous that you have a taste of spring, we are expecting another big snow here this weekend. UGH!

  7. Beautiful! Enjoy the weather. It looks like we are going to have to wait a couple more weeks at least.

  8. Beautiful. Lovely rich colour.

  9. Good color and depth of focus – hope this is a portent of things to come

  10. Lovely. I see there is a rich texture of pinks. The flowers looked like they have been watercoloured. I love cherry blossoms!

  11. Your post reminds me there must be something I need to do in the yard.

  12. One of my favorite colors!

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