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This Quacks Me Up


Thank goodness we’ve been getting rain in California.  Finally!   The rains have filled nearby creeks and made the hillsides and plants nice and green.   The other evening when I was taking closeups of flowers, which was only a few steps from our front door, I heard some quacking.  Moving closer to the edge of the creek, I saw this happy couple paddling around.  Thankfully, I had my 300mm lens on and fired off a couple shots.  By the time I moved a bit further down to get a closer look, they had gone.  I’m glad I got a peak into their environment.  Maybe someday soon there will be ducklings.  🙂


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

37 thoughts on “This Quacks Me Up

  1. The ducks are si much fun. They always know where to find a bit of water 🙂

  2. What a cute picture! I am glad we are getting rain it was pouring down here this am thunder and lightening. The water was running down our street it looked like a river!

  3. It is nice that it has rained.

  4. It’s wonderful that they found your little haven before continuing their journey.

  5. I’m partial to ducks as well – I get a large measure of enjoyment feeding them along the river that is near my office building – they get so excited. Glad you were able to catch this and are getting some (very) needed moisture.

  6. Yeah for rain… the ducks are singing and getting fat… so all be aware that spring is on its way… love the shot…

  7. glad you have that much needed rain. just wish it would STOP raining in UK – now officially the wettest winter for over 100 years!

  8. Nice shot, Good to hear you got some rain.

  9. Nice photo. We had a pair of ducks living in our part of the street for some time. I just mentioned to the GG yesterday that I hadn’t seem them in a while but it has been so dry here (and very little in the way of rain) that we think they have moved off to greener pickings. 🙂

  10. I’m hoping for ducklings too.

  11. something in this photo really speaks to me. I think I said it was like a Waterhouse painting. I half expect the Hylas and the naiads to appear and feed the ducks! A beautiful, peaceful picture.

  12. Love this shot. The dull colours green, brown and grey go so well together. And you can see the ripples clearly too 🙂

  13. great shot.

  14. A very nice photograph. So serene and peaceful.

  15. You have to be quick with these little guys. Very nicely captured Laura.

  16. You know I love California (Shhhhhh! don’t tell my Texans).
    So glad y’all getting some much needed rain.
    Great photo!

  17. The photo is second only to the amazing pun.

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