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Views from a Deck


It’s amazing how I can look at the same view every day yet see something different.  I’ve decided to create a gallery here of all the shots taken from our back deck, and I’ve included a new one, “Painted Skies” which should be the first one in the gallery.  I’ve noticed that over the past two years, I’ve definitely grown.  Some of the older ones like “Morning Sunrise” and “Stormy Evening” are not exactly what I’d do today.   These are not presented in the order taken with my camera; however, the first two are the most recent. Which one is your favorite?  I’ve included a poll at the bottom.  I’d love to see the results!


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

54 thoughts on “Views from a Deck

  1. This is a lovely collection Laura and it DOES show growth in your expertise and awareness. Congratulations…just think what you’ll be producing in another 2 years. 🙂

    • Thank you Dan. 🙂 Even now I look at pictures just taken a month ago and think…I could’ve done this or that….but it’s so fun to learn and grow. Having a blast! 😀

  2. beautiful, all absolutely beautiful. My fav that I voted for is rainbow at sunset.

  3. I voted for Painted Sky, but all are so lovely I had a hard time deciding. What a nice view!

  4. Wow almost looks photo-shopped.. Awesome aky

  5. beautiful views indeed and well captured!! I like the moon and the pastoral looking one!! Oh and PS. doing short stories now for those who prefer!! trying arghh!!!

  6. Love your black & white, voted for fog. Nice work on all of them.

  7. Love the moon rising pica, but they are all beautiful!

  8. Fantastic Photography Laura! I voted but it was ever so hard!! I like them all, The painted skies is almost surreal! but I also like the Fog in the trees, it has a real mood to it. Well I like them all.

  9. Glad I could vote on more than one as selecting just one would have been impossible… they are all so damn good…

  10. Beautiful photos Laura, you are really talented.

  11. Lovely images Laura……you live in a beautiful part of the world

  12. I’ll admit, I checked three boxes. So many beautiful shots here, I can’t pick just one…though Fog in the Trees is my overall favorite, which is saying a lot when you’ve got Rainbow at Sunset and Moon Rising also. Great stuff.

  13. May i give my opinion ?? I love two photos : painted skies and rainbow at sunset.
    Stormy evening is a bit scary to me. Fog in the trees and moon rising like keep mystery, but if i deeper imagine it.. it can evoke the poetic side of me 😀
    About Morning Sunrise..i like to call “New Hope” Yah, this is just my opinion.
    By the way…View from your back deck was great 🙂

  14. You are on fire Laura, good to see the poll too. Hope you are enjoying it all. MM 🍀

  15. They’re all beautiful. Can I come live on your back deck? (In summer of course). lol

  16. All very good variations on a theme. I must admit it was difficult to choose just one. You also make a good point that we (as photographers) need not travel to the ends of the earth to get a stunning picture; sometimes it is right in our own backyard… Now, for some reason, I feel compelled to watch The Wizard of Oz 🙂

  17. Voted. All wonderful shots. I envy your back deck view. I can imagine you sit out there often.

  18. Laura, every single photograph is gorgeous. Isn’t it amazing how when we look back we tend to see how we have grown, yet what we did do, still is stunning. Great job!!! Thank you for this today! Love, Amy

  19. It was difficult to choose, I really liked Fog in the Trees, but Moon Rising was my favorite. Great collection!

  20. Love them all. Voted for Moon Rising.

  21. how did you manage to get the fog one so well captured >?

    • I processed it three times in Nik Efex Silver Pro 2….one neutral, one high key, one low key and combined them with masks and then burned and dodged here and there. Thanks for looking. 🙂

      • you are very welcome ! im amazing just how much work you put in to taking photos! I just use my iphone 4s! Still it gets the job done for me 🙂

        • I’m trying to be a serious photographer…if at all possible! lol Although iPhonography is a serious category in itself. Really cool pics with the phones these days. Thanks again fro checking me out.

  22. I loved Fog in the trees. Though painted skies was also beautiful – Lovely collection Laura 🙂


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