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Glowing from Within


The other day when we were in Oakland, we stopped at Preservation Park on a whim.  My original desire was to take photos of the Victorian houses but the skies were all washed out behind the houses and it was sprinkling out, so I started looking around for other opportunities.  These flowers caught my eye because they looked like they were glowing from within.  The clouds provided a “soft box in the sky”.  I would’ve liked to have spent more time photographing them, but then the sprinkles were turning into rain.

If anyone knows what this plant is, I’d love to hear!



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

41 thoughts on “Glowing from Within

  1. Brilliant colors on these flowers, Laura. Well done.

  2. Absolutely beautiful photograph Laura, and I believe what you have is a Saucer Magnolia, I could be wrong, but they are a deciduous species of magnolia that blooms in the early spring, (boy do I wish it was saucer magnolia time here)!

  3. OK…I just can’t stand how good you are 🙂 The colors on these flowers are vibrant and illuminating. I’ll have to check the photo details on G+. Bravo Laura…job well done!

  4. Really beautiful flowers.

  5. Beautiful!
    Look to me like something from a scene in “Avatar”

  6. Lovely shot. Cloudy skies can offer some wonderful light.

  7. Stunning Laura. I believe they are a species of magnolia. 🙂

  8. Great colors, Jane thinks they maybe from the Japanese tulip tree. Looking it up it so not seem quite right either. There are aps where you can submit the picture of the flower or leaf and it will try to id it.

  9. The colour is amazing.

  10. I’m eager to see what the final ID turns out to be, too. Wonderful saturation and hues, and a fine composition too!

  11. That is a nice place to visit in a lousy city….

  12. everyone has said it all but here’s my two cents! Brilliant!!! I used to sell those tulip trees at the Garden Centre.

  13. I love Victorian houses! #StunningFlowers 🙂 Such awesome quality too… Did you say these were Camera Pictures? What are you using?


  14. I believe it’s a Magnolia × soulangeana or saucer magnolia. Read more about it at the SF Botanical Garden site:

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