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Standing Alone


I’m loving participating in the weekly challenge “Monochrome Madness” hosted on Leanne Cole’s site @

It’s been fun experimenting with different types of monochrome which I’m finding really challenging.  This past week, I took a drive around where we live and came upon a lone tree in a field in front of some hills.  It really was a glorious day and while the color shot was nice, I kept seeing a sepia-like image in my mind, so I went with it.

UPDATE:  I seem to have these occasionally.  Infraredrobert suggested I make it antique, so I added an overlay of a grunge texture.   I think it looks a lot better!  Thank you so much for the suggestion!  Here is his blog fyi:

Monochrome Madness - Standing Alone


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

52 thoughts on “Standing Alone

  1. I think it’s a lovely shot Laura. Have you played with “gaussian blur” yet?

  2. I wanna rent a dirt bike and ride up that hill.
    One magical power I would like to have: Being able to place myself in a photo and live in it.
    Great art Laura!

  3. It is truly magnificent, but I’d love to see the colour version just as a comparrison… when it comes to nature I do lean towards the colour… but this is beautiful…

  4. Wonderful image, great tone!

  5. Beautiful tomes Laura and I love the drama in this image.

    • Thank you so much….I’m enjoying this challenge. It’s stretching me in multiple ways…how to see things, how to process, and how to stress out about what will be my next submission! haha jk 😉

  6. Wonderfully captivating scene

  7. Great shot that is enhanced by the post processing – Like me, you went with a warm tone for your B&W (most all of my B&W shots use the Sepia at 10-15%) and the vignetting brings your eye to the subject quite well. In addition, I rather like the sharp focus on the main tree – with the BG blurred – with a texture this could be turned in to a “vintage” shot. Lots of possibilities.

  8. This is so pretty that it almost doesn’t look real. 🙂

  9. Very nice! You and Leanne have come up with a great sharing idea. It should challenge us all!

  10. I don’t use sepia much, but this is very nice. I like your new logo too.

  11. This is a lovely image Laura and I do love the vintagey feel also.
    Makes me feel like I’m in an Impressionist B&W somewhere 😀
    Most of all, I love the way the lone tree comes forward from the bg!
    A great challenge… thank you girls!

  12. Gorgeous! I had to come over from LCP to see how you did this. I have to try it!

  13. Ah, we are used to gray days in Troy, New York !

  14. Very cool. That’s another one for your inspirational quote folder. lol

  15. wonderful atmosphere Laura!! Really love it!! I almost missed this one.

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