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The Look of Love


It’s been crazy busy here, and I’m sorry to say that in the next couple weeks my posts will dwindle a bit because of this.  Life happens sometimes!  I’ll try to keep current by either reblogging or posting a pic here and there, if I can manage to take one that is.

Yesterday I did manage to get a shot of some turkeys that were gobbling and standing on the side of the street near our house. I think these males are trying to attract a female.  Hmm…I hope they weren’t eying me!  Somehow the thought of chestnut stuffing came to mind.  😉




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Journey of a Body on this Earth

34 thoughts on “The Look of Love

  1. wow! Big beautiful tom turkeys!

  2. Nice image, I was surprised by how much the turkey has gained in numbers in the bay area. I hope you don’t get so busy that you have to ignore your photography. I alway look forward to what you are photographing.

    • Thank you Tim. It can’t be helped but I will try to squeeze one in now and again. I plan on doing the Monochrome Challenge for sure. I may only miss one week.

  3. Take some time for yourself and get on top of life. Don’t let the turkeys get you down. 🙂

  4. Is that stuffing I smell? Be well my friend. You have a lot of admirers waiting for your beautiful art.

  5. We’re those shots with the D7100? Super sharp!

  6. Excellent shot, Laura! Really super clear!

    I know all about life … and when my gardens call for me, I won’t be here as much. But, I will be taking lots of photos but the question is, will I be able to put them on my blog? LOL

    Take care!! xx Amy

  7. Beautiful birds.

  8. So cheeky of you to think of chestnut stuffing! I’m sure the turkeys were eyeing off each other…both of them seem good-looking 😉

  9. I don’t see love. I just see dinner!!

  10. Lovely feather detail…I keep seeing references to Nik Efex Color Pro 2. Do you use it alot? There are so many tools out there to process with its hard too know if there are really helpful.

  11. Such sharp detail!!! And, yeah, a gorgeous couple a guys!

  12. You’re a wonderful photographer. I especially like your sunsets, clouds and landscapes. You photograph, the way Albert Bierstadt painted. Really beautiful but, having said that, I also like this turkey shot too. His blue face is key. I look forward receiving your posts and, I want to thank you for following my blog too.

  13. The colors of the turkey come out so well! Thank you for visiting my blog. I love your pictures!

  14. I’m reading your blog as I’m listening to the wild turkeys on our land! My least fav bird – probably as they raided our orchard most of the summer. Your pic is stunning by the way .. Just gorgeous. 🙂

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