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Hidden Treasure


Quite frequently I drive down a road in our town (which I frequent often even prior to the move) and have noticed this cute little shed.  I’ve often wanted to take a picture of this shed, but there’s a little issue of it being on someone’s property.  The other day I wasn’t in a rush and I felt a bit feisty so I stopped, got my tripod out, camera in tow, and carefully tiptoed through the crunchy leaves to a spot I thought might work.  Leaves are VERY crunchy when one is trying to be quiet!

I couldn’t help but wonder what was in the shed, but I didn’t dare go find out.  It would probably be something a whole lot less inviting than I imagine….probably spiders and webs and creepy crawlies!  One thing about this shed is that it’s always so well-lit due to the incredible amount of trees surrounding it.  It’s such a beautiful setting.  I hope you enjoy it!

Hidden Treasure



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

77 thoughts on “Hidden Treasure

  1. Laura, this is enchanting. It is like a picture out of a faerie book. Perfect shot too! I love the little story behind the photo and the photo itself was the cream on the cake. Thank you!!! Love, Amy

  2. fantastic shadows and light. love the tree limb and branch shadows on the roof.

  3. I like how the sunlight peeks through. An image of an old lady with a broom chasing you off popped into my head.

  4. OK…if this is what your going to shoot as a replacement to the “back deck”, then I am just beside myself 🙂
    Your eye for what to shoot is amazing. Add to that the composition, lighting, texture, and feel of this image, and you simply have perfection.
    Nicely done Laura. Welcome back to your love of photography.
    Cheers my friend!

  5. Lovely image and lovely story to match. For some reason it reminded me of the song Farewell Appalachia by Stornoway. Maybe it’s something to do with the obscure setting of each.

  6. Great picture. You’ve captured the enchantment of the forest and the possibilities of what lies behind that door.

  7. What a whimsical picture !

  8. Lovely shed. Great composition and very pretty.

  9. You failed to mention the ivy crawling up either side of the door. That puts this image over the top for me; the setting, the light and shadow, the textures, and the ivy. What more could you want? Excellent.

  10. “probably spiders and webs and creepy crawlies!”

    That is what would make it so inviting to me.

    Lovely photo.
    Makes me home sick…
    I will be home.

  11. Love it laura!! Perhaps some gnomes live there?

  12. Perfect dappled lighting. Yes, best not to ruin your imagination by peeking inside 🙂

  13. It’s lovely. There are some places in the local area that I keep telling myself I must stop and take photos of one day too.

  14. It is a treasure…… 🙂

  15. The light on the shed is fantastic, and I agree with you about looking inside, not always a good idea. It looks so green and inviting though. I am glad you stopped.

  16. Damn leaves! They try to screw up everything! However, by not letting them stop you, you took an awesome photo! I Love It! But if you ever want someone to go in the shed with you, just let me know. I’m definitely down for that. 🙂

  17. No problem! A friend of mine recently rented a house with a similar shed. She hadn’t even gone in! When I came for a visit, I barreled right in, while she stood in the doorway. 🙂 (fyi…just an old wine bottle, some bricks and cobwebs, nothing good)

  18. Trespassing… take only photographs, leave only memories. Beautiful shed, love the vines, color and peaceful feel. Nice!

  19. looks like an atmospheric
    place of calm refuge!

  20. Very proud of you for taking the risk. Great photo

  21. Always fun to go on an adventure. Gets the energy going, doesn’t it! And who knows what was in that shed. You captured it beautiful with that spangled light.

  22. Wonderful capture of the shed. It’s inspiring, makes me want to grab my camera and go out… 😉

  23. Looks like the sort of place you couldn’t have left alone as a child – you’d have needed to sneak in and set up camp with friends.

  24. wow. such a great shot. the surrounding looks perfect.

  25. I happen to have an affinity for old, weathered wood. I’m blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest where the logging industry was once king. There are hand hewn work shacks and buildings left over from the logging industry’s glory days. Some logging camps have been converted to tourist restaurants that include logging museums. Your photo reminded me of one of the work shacks I’ve photographed from this restaurant, Camp 18. The sides were connected with hand sawed giant dovetail joinery. It will last a few hundred more years if fire doesn’t claim it. I like the treatment you applied to this scene. The darker lighting accentuates the mysterious side of the subject matter. Well done. – Bob

    • Thank you so much for the picture you painted here with your words. I love finding these buildings. There’s another one I found the other day but I have to be there early in the morning. I’ve gotta get to that soon!

      • I’m a big believer in the Golden Hour light. So many of my landscapes are better because of sticking to that low in the sky, evenly distributed diffused light. It works for flower photography as well plus you get natural dew in the morning. 🙂

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