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Collaborative SEO – Powerblogging On Steriods


I also would like to reblog this. The info is so valuable. It’s NOT all about the numbers, although that part can get addicting. It IS about doing what you love, sharing it with the world and learning from others. Thanks Don for being a good blogging buddy and an expert at pano shots lol!

Don Charisma

I’ve been kicked in the teeth, hard, plenty of times. As one ages it’s harder to get back up, dust oneself off and get back on it. Age brings with it wisdom which is the gift of time.

One of the things I so realised when I’ve been knocked down is that we can’t do *everything* on our own, or it’s incredibly difficult to do it on one’s own. Social media only serves to re-iterate the point. So my perspective is that we need to learn ways to “do it” in relationship with other people, bringing each other up.

A movie I like is “Scarface” and this kind of serves to illustrate my point. Yes Tony becomes incredibly successful, but his problem is that he’s done it on his own, he’s not really sharing his success with anyone else, or letting anyone enjoy their success. It’s got some elements of…

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

12 thoughts on “Collaborative SEO – Powerblogging On Steriods

  1. Totally love this Laura. I even left a comment on his website. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

  2. Laura, I feel exactly as you do. I am glad you are supporting Jason. He deserves it. I’ve been so busy out in my gardens I have only glanced over all the blogs I follow. But if it were not for Jason, I would not have the followers I do. And my work, that work of Beauty and LOVE is getting out to this world. THAT is what counts. I am willing to work around the clock for this, and sometimes it seems I do. Thank you for reblogging this. (((HUGS))) Amy

  3. Thanks for sharing this post. It is so very true that we are all in this together. Whether blogging or just living.

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