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Laura the Lionhearted – Monochrome Madness


This week’s Monochrome Madness has me posting a picture of a lion.  I’d love to say I was on a safari in Africa and dodged the charge of a rhino or fought a monkey to keep my banana, but the truth of the matter is that this was taken at the San Francisco Zoo, lol.

My goal was to make it seem like I didn’t take it at the zoo, so I won’t stop you from envisioning me in a pith hat, camping out in the wilderness, hiding behind some brush with an ultra-long lens.  Yes, I boldly stood in front of a lion pen at the zoo and DARED to focus on this beautiful beast!  I know, I’m so bold and brave…one might say I am “lionhearted”.  🙂

The image was taken in color and converted to B&W via Nik SEP2 with a bit of dodging and burning on the final image.  RAWR!  Doesn’t he look handsome?

You can find the entire challenge on Leanne Cole’s blog later today where there are sure to be lots of amazing images!



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

126 thoughts on “Laura the Lionhearted – Monochrome Madness

  1. Good morning LMac,

    FYI…I just saw your post (of course it’s wonderful) and noticed when I click on your link to Leannes WP, it took me instead to your post of the lillies. Maybe it’s me, but you may want to confirm it’s right.

    Talk at you later 🙂 :-Dan

  2. He looks so regal. And coiffed. Love it!

  3. I love the photo and use my imagination that I was your guide here in South Africa, showing you the beast in the wild… mmmmm, now my imagination is running a little wild… rhino charging? Buffalo stampede… oh I could show you so much…

  4. I love the photo and use my imagination that I was your guide here in South Africa, showing you the beast in the wild… mmmmm, now my imagination is running a little wild… rhino charging? Buffalo stampede… oh I could show you so much…

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  6. I love him in monochrome!! Lots of detail and almost looks like a charcoal sketch. Yes, I see you with pith hat and lens and a cup of tea like out of Africa.

  7. Terrific shot Laura! It’s so good that you were able to get him when he looked at you.

    Also looking forward to seeing the other entries this week.

    • I’m glad you noticed that Shane. I was kind of surprised I got him looking straight forward. He was a cute ol’ boy. (From behind the pen that is, lol.)

      • From behind the pen? So, does that mean you were in a restricted area?

        • Oh no…just the regular pen they are in for the viewing public. Zoos sort of make me sad in a way. One day a few years ago I got to feed a tiger in a restricted area. My cousin manages a bunch of wildlife parks so that was one of the perks. Wish I had been taking pictures back then! Their paws were like dinner plates!

          • Oh man, that would have been amazing.

            I also feel sad after zoo visits. I think zoos could do a much better job of proving the public wrong by using social media to show behind-the-scenes work and events. Kids always love the zoo, adults always feel sad after visits.

          • So true! Even the San Diego zoo which is one of the best, is still sad. I really think there should be limits as to what kind of animals are in zoos or parks….like whales. Whales should not be enclosed for our entertainment or “education”. They are too large and need too much room. It’s so sad. I never go to those shows.

          • I couldn’t agree more. Toronto just opened a brand new aquarium, and I refuse to go. Sharks swim thousands of miles each year, and they’re confined to a tiny tank here.

            We also have a place called Marineland, which has some seriously bad press last year for it’s poor care of the orcas, and other fish and mamals. Some employees broke the story, and many of the trainers and employees quit over a span of a few days.

            Very depressing, however it somehow manages to still be open.

          • sighs 😦 Some would tout that it’s for “educational” purposes or should I say porpoises lol! But there are other ways to educate. There is nothing like seeing animals close up but geez…we don’t seem to respect our mother earth very well in many ways and this one is just so blatant. And don’t get me started on circuses! On that happy note………I do hope you have a great day! 😀

  8. Wonderful picture, and hilarious commentary.

  9. In some ways Oakland Zoo can compare with the one in SF and 17 dollars… I remember when it was a dollar to get in.

  10. Great shot. Like the safari story

  11. Brilliant shot!! You make him look handsome!

  12. You went on a safari with Meryl Streep? And you only brought back one photo of a lion? In black and white? What, you couldn’t afford color?

  13. Such a great bnw of this King of the jungle!!!

  14. He is magnificent. Your shot makes it seem that he is still in his natural habitat in his native country. I wish he were.

  15. You captured his magnificence– bravo!!

  16. Wow. Elegant and magnificent don’t do it justice. I feel as though I could almost feel how soft his mane would be if I reached out to stroke it. Simply stunning….again!

  17. Beautiful animals. Love to take the same shot you expertly did. 🙂

  18. Great shot Laura and very successful conversion to B & W. Definitely a keeper 🙂

  19. Fantastic shot Laura! Amazing contrast in B&W. It may not have been taken in the wild, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at the shot.

  20. Lovely image, full of character and you can’t tell it’s a zoo shot

  21. You must’ve had a fly-free safari. 🙂

    Beautiful portrait of the big guy.

  22. Laura … He is just beautiful, safari or not! So very regal

  23. Wonderfully photographed Laura! Great b&w processing. He looks so calm and peaceful. ps. I enjoy your humor! 🙂

  24. I have a FB friend in South Africa who posts amazing photos that she takes in the game reserves. I think this just might rival her photos.

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  26. He’s magnificent Laura! Lovely tonal work in the B&W conversion. I keep meaning to invest in the Nik software. MUST EARN MORE MONEY!!!!

  27. How obliging of him to pose so perfectly for you!

  28. Morning from Oz Laura… 🙂
    This is such a wonderful image and I was soooo with you on Safari with this beautiful beast.
    I love the softness of the lion’s fur and the fantastic detail… right to the 2 claw marks across his nose.
    He looks very content. Beautiful.

  29. Have enjoyed reading your readers (and your) comments.
    Had a big smile on my face most of the way 😀

  30. Incredible photograph! He is so majestic and you captured his essence incredibly well. Stunning, Laura!

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  32. That is a fabulous photo. I love all the texture you were able to capture in his fur and in his environment.

  33. The guy is come and collected. Nice Image. 🙂

  34. Great image.
    Laura, believe it or not, I went on a three-day photo safari in Kenya back in 1986.
    Thanks for bring that memory back to me.

  35. That is one handsome fella.

  36. an awesome shot. such a handsome lion indeed.

  37. Raaaaaaaaaawr! What a great photo, Laura. 😀

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  39. This is as great picture, all has been said above 🙂

  40. Great shot Laura. If you didn;t tell us it was in a zoo.. we might not have known, EXCEPT it is hard to imagine why on earth the four legged hairy ferocious critter wouldn’t have chomping on one of your legs (unless you were behind a fence).. lol

    He is such a regal looking specimen! Proud, yet maybe sad.. that he isn’t in the wild and not chomping on your leg.. lol

  41. Majestic. Beautiful and perfect or purrrfect.

  42. What a handsome fellow !

  43. Reblogged this on Wondersofnature and commented:
    Love this image ❤

  44. dis shot is very very kewl………… stands out frum da crowd ya know 🙂 luv it 🙂 Q

  45. Love the atmosphere in this. It helps that he’s absolutely beautiful.

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