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Steven Fox – Back to the Beginning


I had wanted to post a beautiful poem by Steven Fox (one of my tried and true blogging buddies) a few weeks ago before my move and before my bronchitis, but with all of that I totally spaced out.  Having just remembered today, let me say to you Steven…HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!  

You write from the heart and have such a quick mind and a great sense of humor.  You know that I’ve mentioned to you that your humor reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield, unfortunately passed away I think before you were born.  I’m glad you looked him up, though because I miss that kind of humor and you sound so much like him!  Pretty good for a kid your age haha!  Your mom did well in raising you!

Please everyone, check out Steven’s writing…..

Steven Fox’s Back to the Beginning


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

18 thoughts on “Steven Fox – Back to the Beginning

  1. I will,, hope you feel better! Getting sick and moving is no fun…

  2. I too enjoyed Steven’s poem. Very uplifting and a great way to start the day. Thanks for sharing it Laura.

  3. Thanks for sharing Steven’s poem! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  4. Just the think for a dark, dreary, blustery day!

  5. That is a good poem indeed!

  6. Who does his images? No credit given, so I’m assuming he takes them. Thanks for the intro.

    • I’m not really sure about those images and I understand what you’re saying about no credit given. i see that frequently here but don’t pay too much attention to it. Maybe I should as Facebook stole one of my images and attached it to some advertisement! One of my high school friends pointed that out to me a long time ago and it annoyed me to no end. Anyway, lol, after that rant….I’ll go take a chill pill lol.

      • You are entirely right with the rant – which is why I have a huge problem with Facebook and any of their holdings. They are free to use YOUR images for any purpose without consent. After relenting about Twitter – I put very large copyright info in my images that is not easily deleted. Theft is a big deal with on line images anyway (all mine have a coded Digimarc water mark on them for tracking purposes.There – that is MY rant 🙂

        • Thank you for your rant. How does one code a watermark? I only put a layer in photoshop with my watermark.

          • In Photoshop>Filters>Digimarc is a filter you can apply as the LAST STEP in processing – which is a generic watermark – if you go to the Digimarc website, you can pay a fee to get a certified number which links to all your contact data – it is a modest fee ($50 or $80) annually – but check the details –

          • I always wondered what that was lol. I have an action to create the watermark layer but perhaps I’ll check into the Digimarc. I wonder if Digimarc hires people to steal photos so we pay their annual fee. 😛

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