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Ruth Bancroft Garden – Part II


For those of you who saw my previous post on Ruth Bancroft Garden, here are the last of the photos I took.  I apologize for not knowing the names of these glorious plants (well, maybe except for the lily pad, lol).   Hope you enjoy!



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

78 thoughts on “Ruth Bancroft Garden – Part II

  1. What an amazing place andTy for sharing. great shots.

  2. Really beautiful! I lovr gardens – some of these plants remind me a little of Jurassic Park 🙂

  3. I expect to be visiting Northern California before year end. Looks like I will have to take this one in.

  4. More photos of the wonderful garden Laura. How big was it?
    You sound like me, I never know the names of the plants either. I love looking at them, but I never remember their names.

  5. Your image 13 looks like a ‘red hot poker’ plant. You can google for the technical name, but what’s interesting about that shot is that it looks like you might have a ‘century plant’ behind the red hot pokers. It’s called a century plant because supposedly it only bloomed once every 100 years. In actuality it’s more like every 10-30 years… and it looks like you might have cut off the formation of the flower at the very top of your frame. It does look like a wonderful garden.

  6. I like the shots. I have strayed a lot into flower photography. I have a naming system all my own -Red Flower, Yellow Flower…..

  7. Gee, I acutally know a few of them, which is pretty surprising to me. I never remember names to anything. You have a Prickly Pear Cactus and what looks like an Agave in front of the Century Plant. The Century plant is blooming, otherwise it wouldn’t have all that tall growth. It will die soon, but it’s pups will grow. Very neat place, this garden. 🙂

  8. lovely set of pictures. vw

  9. Wow Laura, I am envious of you! I wish we had something like this where i live in Virginia!

  10. more beautiful photos.
    I love cacti and succulents.

  11. Where in the Bay Area are those gardens?

  12. Lovely images Laura…….a good mix of close-ups and more landscape style shots across both posts 😊

  13. A really beautiful garden 😀
    You got some great shots Laura

  14. I too am plant-name-challenged…When my wife asks me to shoot the …(fill in a plant name here)… I tell her she is going to have to point 🙂

  15. More wonderful images Laura. Love the coloring of the succulents. We even have a large pencil cactus growing in our home. It’s 6 1/2 feet high…and growing, lol.

  16. Luscious greens in these shots. So beautiful. 🙂

  17. Beautiful photos. Except for the easy ones, like the water lily and the cactus, a lot of plantus unknownus here. 🙂

  18. The exposed roots on what appears to be a relative of aloe vera is quite interesting. Thanx for sharing these pics.

  19. love succulents!! Beautiful photos!!

  20. They are beautiful.

  21. Wow. One moment, seeing all of these great shots makes me feel like giving up. The next moment (or day, maybe), it just gives me a kick in the pants to try again. Can’t really explain it. Oh well, thanks for coming by and liking my “Osip the Wasp” poem. “Hey – that lady that took the Blue Oak picture likes my poem!” 8^).

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