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Mt. Diablo Summit


The other day we took a drive to the summit of Mt. Diablo.  You can drive up both sides of the mountain (depending on what entrance you choose) to the summit which is at 3,864 feet.  On a clear day you can see the California sierras which are approximately 180 miles east (complete with snow) and the Farallon Islands to the west which lie approximately 30 miles outside of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

It was a beautiful day and I fully expected to be taking pics of the beautiful green hills and rare wildflowers that have been popping up due to a burn that happened in September 2013.  Alas, one needs to really take a guided tour to find these special wildflowers and since we did this spur of the moment, we didn’t have the opportunity to find these special flowers.  It didn’t stop us from enjoying the beautiful scenery though!

Of all my shots of the scenery, this one was my favorite.  Go figure.  This shot was taken at the Summit.  I really don’t know what this door leads to but I can only assume it’s for workers at Mt. Diablo since there were no signs for park visitors.  I loved that it sat there all by itself, a mystery as to what it leads to.  It was three bracketed photos processed in Photomatix Pro 5 and Photoshop CC.

Thank you to my friend Wisti for suggesting I go up there in search of wild flowers.  I will go back for sure and I do have a few other pics I’ll post later.


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

112 thoughts on “Mt. Diablo Summit

  1. this is so great!

  2. Mt. Diablo is such a gorgeous mountain, it’s great that you had an adventure there.

  3. Never been to the top.. I didn’t think you could drive up there.. You learn something everyday…that fire actually cleaned out a lot of brush… This too did pass.

  4. You’ve done a beautiful job on this, Laura. I love your almost-subliminal partial color restoration in the little bit of hillside and in the right-center patch of sky. And the textures in the door and around its frame are deliciously reminiscent of cloissoné.

  5. How ironic you post a beautiful monochrome image in the midst of such greenery. I applaud you Laura. Love your creativity. Cheers!

    • Thank you Dan, lol….I thought it ironic as well! This happens to me quite often…I’m there to take pictures of something but I end up with something else.

  6. I really love this photo. It definitely stands out.

  7. So surreal Laura. MM 💚

  8. Your amazing photographic skills aside, if that is not the door to “the other deminsion”, I am not the Sci-Fi geek I claim I am! Rod Serling would have jumped for joy to see your door! I love the photo.

    • YES!!!! I love Twilight Zone!!!! Okay, so my favorite was when the girl was in the hospital with her face all wrapped up after a surgery and the doctors were all around her but you couldn’t see their faces. They were hoping the surgery was “successful”. Finally at the end, they unwrap her face to see if it was successfull, and the HORROR!!! It wasn’t! She was beautiful like Marilyn Monroe and screaming hysterically because of it. Then the camera lifts up to reveal the doctors’ ugly faces. The end. 🙂

  9. Great shot.

  10. Superb shot… It is a magical disappearing door, with dragons breathing fire at the other end. All ye who enter, beware….

  11. It’s breathtaking… I bet you enjoyed a lot Laura…

  12. Very nice… I love the subtle hint of blue and tonal textures. Looking forward to your other vista shots.

  13. Nice. Someday I’ll visit calufornia

  14. a fantastic photo Laura. A silent portal to where!!? And I love the muted landscape in the back. Surreal, like another world!! Mt. Diablo!!

  15. This is amazing, very other worldly! 🙂

  16. absolutely gorgeous, as always, Laura! I know I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, I really do enjoy your pictures! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for that. Sometimes I can’t keep people straight so I apologize for that…and thanks for the reblog. I just noticed. 😀

      • That’s alright! It seems my reader only really shows me a select few people I follow on WP. I often miss a lot of bloggers posts which sucks. I’m making it very important at the moment to keep connecting with my blogging friends, and making new ones since I realized I don’t have many.
        You’re welcome for the re-blog, anything to help out and share your pictures! 🙂

  17. Reblogged this on healthsmartmomma and commented:
    I swear Laura’s pictures are always so great and fun to look at! Definitely check her blog out 🙂

  18. Wow……..quite possibly this is a perfect image. I’m loving everything about it. The starkness, the processing is spot on…just altogether beautiful work!

  19. Very odd the door but cool!

  20. Fantastic shot Laura…..I love the muted almost monotone palette, the textures in the door and building and the subtle layers in the sky. Oh yeah and great light too.

    • Thank you so much Mark. It’s kind of different for me but then…I like different. 🙂

    • BTW…I think I’ve asked you this before…I don’t rely on the reader as much but rely on links. I haven’t seen anything new on your website on the main page. Where would I be able to get the latest on your website by just clicking one link?

      • I don’t use the reader either Laura, I get emails every time someone posts something new on the blogs I follow – you then just click on the link in the email and it sends you direct to the new post. I think you have to go to the reader to set up the email notifications, but other than that I don’t touch the reader. Does that help?

        • I have that turned off but the thing is, I can never find anyone in that list once I click blogs I follow. They are sorted by date and if I were to try and find you, I’d have to scroll through the list and it’s too long lol. That search at the top is kind of useless unless I’m using it incorrectly. If i put “mark simms” in there, it won’t work because it wants the exact URL which seems so ludicrous to me. It should just be a keyword search. Sorry to bother you about this, but now that you bring it up, lol, how do I find you easily?

  21. Laura, may I use this photo for one of my poems? I just love it and I know it will have a great impact. ~ Blessings ~

  22. I love this, the color (or lack their of) adds another layer of depth and intrigue for sure. I love that you found something so interesting but completely not what you were “looking for”. Funny how our idea of something, when open to the journey actually brings something far more interesting. Great post Laura 🙂

    • Thank you Carrie for the compliments on the photo. This seems to happen to me a lot when I think I’m going to take pictures of one thing and I end up with something else. Go figure. 🙂

  23. Oh wow Laura! That is truly beautiful.

  24. I’ve been listening to an audiobook that talks about the history and geography of Mt Diablo. Visited a few times around 1973 when I lived in the Bay Area. I was rather hoping for some of the scenics, but apparently will have to settle for a metaphor. 😦

    • ha! Well, I think I’ve done a lot of Mt. Diablo if you look at my photography site lol. Sometimes I look for different things there because I see it all the time. It was a bit hazy out, so that’s why I started looking for other things.

      • My bad! You’re right I need to look around some, but time seems to be sadly lacking. Will definitely put some aside though….. 🙂

        • Oh nooo I didn’t mean you had to pour over my images! I just meant I’ve taken a lot and I guess I take the Mountain for granted. It was kind of hazy out so I looked for different things. Please don’t worry about looking lol. Seriously!

  25. You do a good job rendering flowers, but I have to say I really like what you came back with as an alternative. The “where does this go?” question only adds to the beauty of this shot. Great tonal scale rendering here.

    • Thanks so much Robert! …coming from you who does such a beautiful job with mysterious-type photography. I think most people just bypass this structure but I notice these things now more, and frankly it’s because of viewing the subject matter of a lot of your photography. So thank YOU! 🙂

      • Thanks Laura – we all get inspiration from each other – although this sharing concept is very new to me as I was always concerned about inadvertent “copying” of others work/style – so I really have not had a lot of experience conversing with other photographers.

        • Me either really. I also don’t want to be just like someone else but I love it when others’ work can force me to think in new ways. I would never want to copy someone else. No fun in that.

  26. Really nice composition Laura and the Depth of the Photograph is very nice
    Great Photograph


  27. “On a clear day you can see”… forever
    (Babs Streisand)

    I love your photos.
    (They stir my expat ways)

  28. Very beautiful Laura! Mount Diablo’s view is really nice. 🙂 Thanks for following me on my Twitter.

  29. I am fascinated by this small building at the top of a mountain… but I’m more fascinated as to why you went all the way up there and post this photo… reading the post before the photo I expected to see great landscape views… your photography and way your mind works, fascinate me beyond words…

    • This mountain is right in our backyard practically so it’s easy to go up and down frequently. Also perhaps because I see this mountain a lot, this little building just stood out. It was calling me to take its picture. Besides that, I think my husband would agree with you that my mind works differently lol!

      • It is sometimes good to be different … and I’d probably agree with your husband, but your photography is so good, that I’m sure like him I accept it… it is a lovely photo that makes the mind think of all sorts…

        • Thank you so much for letting me know the image had an impact. After years of feeling invalidated, it feels good to just be myself and do my own thing and be appreciated for it.

  30. Nice shot, from the title I was expecting something different

  31. beautiful place of vistas and breeze!
    coming down from the top
    on a bike is great fun
    with confident breaks 🙂

  32. Love this! May as well cut and paste that comment for when I come here haha

  33. Laura, I love this shot! The light is beautiful, the detail of the door against the softer sky is wonderful, and the mystery is absolutely compelling. Brilliant! And it’s great in monochrome 🙂

  34. I saw that door and immediately thought of doctor Who. I really like this, Laura. :0

  35. It is a strange door, looks almost like an lift, or elevator. Perhaps there is secret stuff going on there, and it isn’t really a mountain at all, but down there is a whole other world. Great shot, I saw your others well, beautiful.

  36. Stunning – truly stunning. You have such a talent

  37. looks like a door to nowhere… great photos.

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