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Blue Oak


This week’s photo for the Monochrome Madness Challenge is something I worked on in Nik Color Efex and Photoshop CC.   I am really enjoying the post processing part of creating images, and this one I had a lot of fun with.  This image of an oak tree was taken when I was up on Mt. Diablo the other day.  Oak trees are almost everywhere in California not just on the mountain.

Usually when I look at an image straight out of the camera in Adobe Bridge, I usually decide whether or not it feels more like a photograph or more like an artsy image.  This one I saw as an artsy-type image the minute I saw it on my computer, so I went with it.

I’m posting this one day early.  🙂   The entire challenge will be on Leanne Cole’s site tomorrow, so please do check it out!



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

113 thoughts on “Blue Oak

  1. I love the oaks and this shot really does them justice. It’s beautiful!

  2. Excellent image. The composition is exceptional. Note the the tree in the upper right 1/3 provides framing for the distant scene in the lower left 1/3. The use of blue vs. black reminds us that monochrome dose not necessarily = B & W.

  3. For some reason this brings to mind Snoopy sitting on top of his doghouse with his typewriter, beginning his Great Peanuts Novel:
    “It was a dark and stormy night…”

    Great photo Laura!

  4. Love the blue oak, I am just so tired of red oaks,….really nice effect….en theos monos..j

  5. at first glance I couldn’t tell if that was a photo or an illustration. either way, i love the mood it creates!

  6. A really beautiful image. You have done a great job with this. I’m on my phone now and will comment in depth as soon as imon my computer. But i had to acknowledge this one right away.

  7. As a lover of trees, this is absolutely breathtaking. It’s mysterious, haunting and comforting all in one.

  8. Nice shot. I really like your artistic rendering of it.

  9. Oh the twisted lovely Oaks of California. I love them. They remind me to remember even the twisty, nob-like parts of life are beautiful. I love that you thought of blue, it really adds a lovely tone to this image, and deepens the movement you so beautifully captured.

  10. Hey Laura … divine! Looks very very expensive indeed. Love it Miss!

  11. It is sooooo spooky.

  12. The way you’ve framed this really emphasises the size and shape of the oak.

  13. Excellent bit of work..

  14. Stunning image! Great composition and the blue toning gives it an ethereal feel 🙂

  15. Oh…I love that image.

  16. This is amazing and looks like a fantasy land just before dark.

  17. One cool photo, moody and spooky.

  18. Awesome shot to inspire a story of mystery or suspense

  19. Looks like something from a beautiful dream…

  20. Cool in tone, eerie in subject 😊

  21. WOW, hauntingly beautiful, nice job Laura. I love the way you went with blue instead of B/W 🙂

  22. This could be framed and hung on a wall… beautiful…

  23. FAntastic image Laura. I think the blue is great.

  24. Oh that is an amazing picture – the use of shade and tone is so effective and gives and almost fey impression to the piece. May I add this to my image collection to use [with credit to your blog of course] for a future post?

  25. The Moonlight casting a blue light over the forrest …Very nice Laura

  26. I see I’m not alone in really liking this image – everything just work with it. I’d be interested to see the “straight” version or know what made you pick this one out of Bridge – obviously you saw something in the RAW image. regardless – I do like the cool tones (something I have been using more of myself lately) – the flow of the branches and the overall dreamlike quality. Good stuff!

    • Thank you so much Robert. I really was trying to go for ethereal or dreamy so yay for that. Some people have seen spooky and that’s ok too. I wasn’t sure about posting it initially because I am going out of my comfort zone lately and sometimes I’m just not sure. I only had maybe 3 oak images of this same tree but this one was framed best. It was also backlit but not in the best way for a straight photo, so that’s why I chose it. Make lemons out of lemonade. 🙂

      • Indeed – or as I am prone to say…”Play the hand you are dealt.
        Glad you posted it – hopefully you will not be as reserved next time due to the positive feedback I’ve read on this one.

        • I am getting the impression that my post processing is most interesting to people. It’s my favorite part so maybe that’s why? I do know that there are amazing photographers out there but I may be able to stand apart in the PP…at least that’s my hope. Thank you for the encouragement, Robert!

          • Laura – you have a good eye and that is something that makes all the difference – as I have on my digital-infrared site – “No amount of post processing can make up for a bad picture” – and that is a rule that holds true whether in the digital or analogue world. See if you can find W. Somerset Maugham’s “The Alien Corn” – which is an interesting take on what makes a true artist.

          • Thank you for that. I do try to apply the principles when framing my photo and adjusting when cropping. I’ve taken a screen shot of this so I can look up the reference later. When I can see lol. Thank you so much!

          • I am googling this now…this is quite interesting to me as I’m also a musician who has played piano since I was 4 years old although unable to play like I used to. My mom was a concert pianist and a Steinway artist. I will have to down load the story and check it out! Thank you!

          • All of which is why I thought you (of all people) would understand this particular story. If you cannot find the story there is a quite decent film of this and three other WSM stories called “Quartet” – staring Dirk Bogard as George Bland.

          • I did find it. I just have to download it. I’ll put it on my iphone and listen sometime soon! Thank you and thanks for the heads up on the other stories. 🙂

  27. You have combined quite well art and photography with this image, Laura

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  29. Really beautiful Laura! I like the blue tone and the dreamy feel that this photo has. Excellent composition!

  30. Beautiful art, Laura. I really love what you have done. Great job! Love, Amy

  31. That’s BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Good job!

  32. absolutely magical Laura!! I love it.

  33. Oh Laura…This takes my breath away…The emotion sweeps through me and brings me to another place…another time. I’ve seen this before…In a dream…In a vision..? In my soul! Beautiful♡♡♡

  34. I’m glad you posted a photo with a dramatic tone. That’s been something I’ve been wondering about – how/when to use colours to beyond sepia to tone a picture. You’ve provided a good example.

  35. This would be ideal cover art for a book of Grimm’s Fairytales. Love it!

  36. What a beautiful dream in blue, filled with ancient oak magic. Lovely inspiring and atmospheric…..what more could we want 🙂

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  38. I love your shot Laura. But then I generally love them all.

  39. I like the mood it depicts. The blue adds

  40. Very nice Laura! The cold tones work very well with the setting and the lone large tree. Nice work!

  41. That’s a nice oak tree. In Oslo there’s a hill called Oak Hill (Ekebergåsen), but there’s no oak trees there. They were all chopped down and used for ship building a long time ago.

  42. Nice! I don’t remember seeing this in MMC.

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