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Please don’t put me in the corner!


Awhile ago I had posted a picture of the Tassajara Schoolhouse built in 1889 and promised more.  I haven’t been back yet to see the kids in school dressed in period costumes, but I did pull this one from the archives and thought I’d post it.  I felt like I had been transported back in time sitting in one of the small wooden desks.  My knees loved getting out of that desk!  😉

I’m thinking now that I should’ve had a smaller aperture to show the word “Superintendent” more clearly, but at the time I was thinking blurring it would be more effective.  What do you think?  Even so, fortunately nobody will put me in the corner for it.  😛



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

74 thoughts on “Please don’t put me in the corner!

  1. I quite like the word blurred Laura. It’s a good effect 🙂

  2. Laura….in my experience most of the “superintendents” I have meet have been blurry around the edges. I like keeping the focus on the light. ….en theos monos † jim

  3. The bokeh is perfect as it is. Enough to know the word yet also not to distract from the lamp. A great metaphor.

  4. Great shot Laura, I think the blur concentrates the focus on the Lamp & quill, otherwise the eye would be distracted by the writing on the board 🙂

  5. I like the perfect light on the glass of the lamp. And I think the blur is effective. A Plus.

  6. The blurring is quite effective. If it was clear and in focus it would detract from the nice composition in the foreground.

  7. Great photograph Laura, set up so nicely!

  8. I also really like the blurred word! Great shot!

  9. Looks great to me. 🙂

  10. Blurred, gives the viewer a sense of a time gone by. I like it better.

  11. Reblogged this on MULIEBRAL STUDIES and commented:
    In generations past, this was part of “family” and home life. Children and parents were serious about learning the basics, so very few had to be sent to the principal’s office.

  12. I love it Laura and the blurred word was kind of how I looked at the black board long ago as I day dreamed frequently in class!! This photo really is a story!! Little house on the prairie? Wonderful!!

  13. Anyone who tries to fault you for that should have to wear the dunce cap. Love your composition here, and the quill pen provides just the right, um, dot on the i.

  14. The blur adds flavor to the photo, well done!

  15. That’s an excellent photo! Once again, I’m left thinking about “Little House on the Prairie.” I truly believe that I grew up in the wrong era. I would love to travel by horse and buggy and get rid of a great deal of this technology we have. I’d have no problem writing on paper, if it meant that families would have more time together.

  16. This is a beautiful shot Laura, great detail focus. That old gas lamp. I love those.

  17. I think that the photo is enhanced by the blurred text – it isn’t so blurred that you can’t read it (that would not have worked as well) – but this one is the keeper for me. My feeling is that you ned to have the eye work its way though the picture – here we go directly to the lamp then work out way (naturally) over the remainder of the picture – the quill next – settling in on the text – which we then process.
    Very good shot Laura – it was worth all the knee pain 🙂

  18. Perfect Laura .. No corner needed!

  19. I’m going to agree with the consensus and say that the blurring on the word is good – much clearer, and it would probably have dominated the picture, while as it is it is still readable, but allows you to focus on the foreground first and then ‘discover’ it.

  20. Nice shot. I think it would have worked either way

  21. I think it looks great as it is. 🙂

  22. oh that is beautiful.

  23. I like it blurred as it adds depth to the image.


  24. Blurry is best. The Superintendents I have known were always blurry to me.
    I love it!

  25. Like the other commentors have said, the blurred word fits the photo really well and brings the lamp into focus. This image has a strong classroom feel about it – the chalkboard comes out strongly. I’m sure a lot of us know and remember what a chalkboard is… I find it interesting the feather-pen is standing up straight…I thought it had less-than-stiff feathers. Great shot, Laura, well done 🙂

  26. I see why you need to spend so much time in WP. This will be the 61st comment on a terrific image. And yes, the blur is perfect as is. Let’s think about doing a collection for the show, yes?

  27. Very Nice
    I also like the reflections you can see of the windows in the lamp. Lots to see in this photograph.

  28. nice

  29. Your picture is GREAT just the way it is. It made me think of my mother who was a teacher in a one-room school house as a young woman. Not all the way as far back as this school house dates – just to be clear. But, she would be familiar with the coal oil lamp in your photo, and she had the best handwriting and could write on a chalk board in a perfectly straight line. If she was still with us, she would be 100 years old this year.

    • I’m so glad this brought back some fond memories. Sometimes I wish I could transport myself back into time when things were simpler. Your mom is probably smiling down on you right now knowing that you thought of her now. :)))

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