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Rising Gold


Last night was the Waxing Gibbous moon which is my favorite day to take full moon shots.  At the last minute, I went outside just beyond our back deck on the golf course, set up my tripod and took some shots of the beautiful golden moon as it rose behind the trees.  What a site!

I knew exactly where it would rise due to my handy dandy Photographer’s Ephermis.  That’s fancy talk for a free desktop application that can pinpoint the exact  location of a rising moon, rising/setting sun, etc.  I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s such a wonderful tool, I wanted to paste the link here again in case you’re interested.  The Photographer’s Ephermis.

There’s nothing like standing outside waiting for that moon to rise.  It’s so exciting to me!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

119 thoughts on “Rising Gold

  1. … waxing gibbous. I love that after a trip to the local planetarium, I know what that means!

    • hehe! It’s actually the best time to photograph the full moon even though it is technically a full moon today. I don’t know all the technical reasons why though. It’s enough for me to know Waxing Gibbous! LOL

  2. It was a big beautiful moon out here on the Washington Coast also and you got a great shot of it where you are at.

  3. Fabulous Laura! I love the tone and colour that’s still visible in the trees 🙂

  4. Wonderful shot and I agree, it’s always exciting though it never ceases to amaze me how quickly it happens 🙂

  5. Beautiful work Laura. Love this full moon. So bright and alive.

  6. Just last night I saw our room all lit up by the moon shining in our window & went out to take a photo with (my very basic) Canon camera & to my disappointment it came out terrible… I was wondering if the secret is only in the purchase of a better one or are there tips I need to know about to get it as nice as all the ones posted on WordPress?

    • I don’t think a point ‘n shoot will do it unfortunately. I used a telephoto lens on my DSLR plus adjusted my depth of field and my shutter speed and ISO accordingly. I long lens is a must with the moon to get it big like the way you see it here. The focal length of this image is 300mm.

  7. It looks like a big hunk of cheddar? Beautiful moon. The splendour of round.

  8. Fantastic photo! I tried a moon photo yesterday, the image stunk so it’s gone. Need better camera…

  9. The thought went through my head to get a capture of the glorious moon last night, and now I am glad I did not. YOU did. Awesome job, Laura!!! (((HUGS))) Amy

  10. Stunning Lara.
    I love night photoing.

  11. Great shot. Really like the trees in the foreground.

  12. Nicely done. As some of the comments have already mentioned, the moon is not an easy subject to do well. Unfortunately, clouds interfered over here in the DC area.

  13. A waxing gibbous moon, well that’s new to me! I am always learning here. Fantastic moon shot.

  14. This is a real beauty of a shot – I saw what appeared to be the moon when I got home last night, but due to cloud cover, it was only a suggestion of a moon (for me). You don’t seem to have too much light pollution where you are – how long an exposure was this? Anyway, great picture!

    • It was a very short exposure actually. 1/160s but the ISO was up @ 600 and I used f/9. I exposed for the moon then created two images in photoshop…one for the foreground and then the moon. I combined them and then added some effects like brilliance and then a vignette via gradients.

      • Like a pro! Really good job actually. I can’t get away with pushing the ISO on my poor old camera – even 400 gets more noise than I like – which is why I do most of my shooting at 100. thanks for the tech stuff – a part of photography I really enjoy.

        • You mean like you???? 😛 I’m glad you enjoy the techie parts. I LOVE that part! I’ve noticed that my D7100 is very good with noise. I can push it up quite a bit. My favorite Noise Reduction Program is Topaz Denoise. I use that mostly and find the Nik Define not as good. Ahh…I could go on!

          • Please go on…Is Topaz a PC or Mac program? I should check into it later – I have looked at a few, but they soften up the mage too much when they work. I am saving to get a full frame new DSLR, but I have to get my MG-B road worthy and put it up on the auction block 🙂

          • Topaz is a product much like Nik Efex, they can be purchased for Mac or PC. The only Topaz product I like (and I have three different ones) is the Denoise. I LOVE Denoise. It does the best job at reducing noise imho. You can control it much better than Nik Define. You can get a free trial offer I think. Ooo…FX….some day…but I have a hard time holding heavy lenses and cameras…that’s why I chose the D7100 last year. I do want a 24-70 2.8 though! lol

          • Thanks – yes weight is a factor – the photographers at our paper use a Nikon D4 and with a lens that is a beast to haul around and hold.

          • you’re welcome 🙂 I think I’ll stick with my lowly DX, lol.

  15. Beautiful. Last night I was watching the same moon rise over Tainan. I took some photos but I was in a car that stopped at red lights. I’ll have to see if any were salvageable.

    • Isn’t it amazing we can all see the same thing like that? Kind of unifies everything. I’d love to see what you got.

      • Very true! “The World Turns” Wasn’t that a daytime soap opera?
        I’m still sending out invites to my opening so it may be a while before I get to those moon images. Laura, please remind me if you don’t see them within a week.

        • As the World Turns actually, lol, but I didn’t watch it. I will try to remind you of your moon images but please don’t rely on me! lol I can barely remember my own images haha.

  16. Beautiful shot, love it!

  17. Love that shot,we had a similar picture here when the moon was rising from behind the trees

    • Thank you Cathy! How are you anyway? My knee is slowly starting to feel better. Sheesh, it’s taking a long time.

      • I am good my knee has good days and bad days. I talked to a lady who just had her 2nd knee done she said the first took two years to be pain free. And yes it is taking a long time. My knee has been swollen this week wondering if it is the weather? It was 105 here yesterday and starting out hotter today already 95. And this is on the coast! How is your other knee feeling with the shot?

        • I’m glad I”m not the only one that’s wondering if it will take two years. It’s certainly better when it’s warmer but not too warm lol. My other knee is doing pretty good with the shot. My insurance only allows them twice a year though. They’re expensive!!! I had to pay 10%. Thank god for the shot! There’s no way on God’s green earth I’m doing that one till my knee replacement settles down. But I can do more than I could before, so I guess I’m happy ha!

  18. That is friggin’ surreal! I’ve NEVER seen a picture of the moon quite like this! Absolutely stunning. 🙂

  19. Great image Laura… the fact that there is some detail and tone illuminated in the trees so that you get that cool semi-silhouetted look. Also love the vignetting. I’m a big fan of adding vignettes in post processing, it’s a much underrated tool.

    • Ahhhh thank you Mark…I worked on that vignetting to be just right. Sometimes the perfect circle or square just doesn’t cut it. And I completely agree!

  20. I’m moonstruck!! Fantastic shot Laura!

  21. Incredible shot I love the trees framing it

  22. Such a brilliant shot, a yellow moon peeking out from behind the trees. The moon looks like a piece of cheese. When I was a kid, I dreamt a moon just like this fell from the sky and squashed me flat. Your photo is nothing short of amazing. There aren’t stars in the sky, I notice. Do you think it would have been great with twinkly stars?

    • Was that moon dream a nightmare?? That sounds scary! There weren’t any stars because it was actually too light. I saturated the sky for the image. I’ve inserted stars on other moon shots though. hehe

      • I remember that moon dream was a recurring nightmare as a child. I remember seeing a cartoon of this on TV as well. Yes, I have a very vivid imagination…

        Ah, you’re very good with post-processing images, Laura. They all look so natural, I have so much to learn from you. Hope you have a good weekend 🙂

  23. One of the best moon photo that I ever seen. Love it!

  24. Fantastic shot of the moon. Will need to check out that link, it will help a lot when planning sunset shots.

    • Yes!! Do check it out. it’s the most incredible tool overlying the street map either satellite or street view with the lines of the moon/sun positions. You can drill it down to your exact standing place.

  25. W.O.W. I swear you could jump and catch a ride, it looks so close! This is beautiful in so many ways. You must have been doing a serious moon dance after realizing you got this image 🙂

    • haha I did! I was amazed at how huge it was! I was like a kid jumping up and down when I saw it starting to rise behind the trees. Thank you Carrie 🙂

  26. Lovely framing, focus and colours, Laura!

  27. Absolutely outstanding! And thanks for the link–must get that app!

  28. Nice photograph. I’m a sucker for a good moonrise. I use PhotoPills which is a smartphone app for sun and moon activity. With that I can pinpoint exactly where the moon will rise on site so my camera is set up and ready.

    • I’ve not seen that one. What makes Ephermis so special is its ability to overlay the direction of the setting/rising moon/sun with a street map or satellite or hybrid map much like google. You can drill down for instance to my back deck. I see the deck and the lines as to where the sun will be rising for instance. It’s very detailed.

  29. Laura, FRIDAY there will be a post for you at Petals. I nominated you for a very special award. Love, Amy

  30. Very stunning photo my dear. When the moon rises where I live it, it is usually quite high in the sky before I can see it.

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  32. Amazing shot. It looks as a picture for a movie.

  33. A stunning shot, Laura. I love the textures of the trees which lead the eye to the golden orb! Wonderful.

  34. What a beautiful shot of the moon Laura!

  35. what a perfectly beautiful photo Laura!

  36. and what an incredible app! I just downloaded it after reading your post thank you!

  37. super skills laura. great job

  38. I to love full moon nights. I always wish if I could just stand there watching the moon in its fullest glory! And thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂 good luck.

  39. Stunning photo! Amazing capture of the moon 🙂 x

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