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Dreaming by the Pond


The night I shot “Rising Gold”, the picture of the moon, I took this of Weeping Willows.  We have several of them here near the lake outside our back deck and they really are beautiful.  Standing there waiting for the moon to rise over the pines, I turned around 360 degrees to see what else could be captured.  The willows have such a dreamy quality to me, so that’s what I tried to convey here.  I wish there had been a duck in the pond but sometimes we just take what we can get.willow-web



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

118 thoughts on “Dreaming by the Pond

  1. Yes, very dreamy and painterly (is that even a word?) – regardless – nice and soft feel to it. I agree that Willows are interesting trees – they repro unusually well in IR too.

  2. Absolutely Beautiful Laura, you caught the mood and effect you desired!

  3. It is indeed dreamy, Laura. 🙂

  4. L….absolutely a gorgeous image! It is sometimes amazing what we will see if we just turn to look….aptly titled too! en theos monos…j

    • Thank you! I had two tutoring lessons with a photographer and the most valuable information he ever gave me was to turn around to see if there’s anything else to take a picture of.

  5. It definitely has the dreamy feeling, Laura!

  6. This is amazing Laura 😀
    Maybe as inspiration for a paint too.

  7. Wow… I really like the green color and the reflection in the pond! Great shot!

  8. Except for the lillies it could be Monet’s garden. Beautiful and serene.

  9. Beautiful photo, I love reflections and this is amazing.

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    Just dreamy…..

  11. This is awesome! Good stuff 🙂

  12. It’s beautiful

  13. It’s just so beautiful that it seems more like an animation that a photograph. And also brings the feeling to be there and take it all in. 🙂

  14. Yes. A duck would be nice.
    The green is inviting.

  15. Interesting photograph. It looks like a painting

  16. The contrast between the high-chroma green on the trees and the cooler, low-chroma grey on the reflections is great. Also, good job on avoiding teh temptation to put the waterline halfway up the picture. Well done.

  17. You captured ‘dreamy’ perfectly. I can imagine myself sitting in the grass between the trees, reading a book on a warm summer afternoon.

  18. Lovely shot…..but are you CybeleMoon in disguise..;0)

  19. very pretty Laura! Willows are my favorite!

  20. This is crazy-beautiful… wow.

  21. I think that’s another ‘inspirational quote’ type of photo! 🙂

    • oh yeah? Go for it! 🙂

      • ha ha. You can do it yourself. You use either photoshop or you can use picmonkey (which is free) but doesn’t give as good of a result but is a bit of fun when you’re in a hurry.

        • Wait..I thought you mean my photo was inspiring you to write something!

          • Well I don’t know… inspiration is seriously lacking these days. I do think your photo would look awesome with an inspirational quote on it though. Maybe one about introspection or being a reflection.

          • Thank you for the compliment. Maybe someone will request it. I’ve realized that I do my “speaking” through my photos. So much swirls around in my head and I just babble when I talk. When I focus on taking a picture, I feel like things come out right. If that makes sense, lol. I think you are very inspirational in your writing! You make me realize that I should be more positive and I always look forward to your blog. I know we are not always “up” but that’s just part of life eh?

          • You’re right. It is. I think being a woman and having depression is even harder some days too lol

          • 100% agree about the woman thing. Going through menopause makes it even more “lovely”. *smirky smile*

          • I’ll see your smirky smile and raise you tongue in cheek. lol

          • haha oh ok I fold 😛

  22. Wow, that is such a beautiful shot…so well framed, and it is the color and shadows that make it pop in my eyes. Wonderful.

  23. Just WOW Laura. Wonderful!

  24. That is beautiful. so peaceful

  25. I like the muted tones and blur of the water. Overall a great picture.

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    Stunning and serene photo.

  27. Had to share on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc. and reblogged at http:/ Stunning and serene. Thank you. 🙂

  28. I love willows. Your shot is superb! Couldn’t ever find better lighting :-).

  29. a looking glass world!! Beautiful!

  30. Reblogged this on My Blog: On Writing and commented:
    Maybe, a frog
    Had jump in that old pond;
    Splash! Then silence again,
    the moon rising.
    Ps: you just miss the frog
    Great shot! Nostalgy…

  31. Absolutely terrific capture Laura. Well done my dear friend 🙂

  32. This is so serene – great shot, Laura!

  33. Forget the duck. You nailed it.

  34. This photograph is so magical. I expect to see a fairy emerge. Beautiful!! “Love” not “like.”

  35. Beautiful image Laura, it calming just looking at it 🙂

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  37. I love this image so much. It looks misterious and dreamy anyhow. 🙂

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