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School the Old-Fashioned Way


I finally got back to the 1889 Tassajara Schoolhouse to see “school in session”.  Kids from around the area dress up in period costumes and have a class the old-fashioned way.  I actually didn’t plan on going to the schoolhouse this day, but at the last minute I remembered it so I thought I’d stop in.  I noticed cars outside and a sign that school was in session so I got kind of excited as I pulled off the road and grabbed my camera.

One of the men who takes care of the place was there and said the kids would be coming out anytime and right when he said that, the doors opened and out they poured all full of giggles and talking.  I was kind of disappointed I didn’t get there in time to see them all seated at the desks, but I was lucky to get there when they came out to play games.

I will preface you viewing the photos (if you got this far in the read here) that I have practically zero experience taking people photos and it shows.  It’s not something that usually floats my boat but this particular opportunity was just to good to pass up.  The kids were so cute with their little outfits!!  I really wanted to just put the camera down and watch.  I took lots of photos but decided just to include a few of the “best” ones, lol.

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

42 thoughts on “School the Old-Fashioned Way

  1. Wonderful series of photographs.

  2. Reblogged this on MULIEBRAL STUDIES.

  3. I have the same problem with people shots, but you did great. Wonderful shots of some darling young’uns. Do you have any idea why the name tags?

    • I really don’t know about the name tags. I probably should’ve asked. They were all old fashioned names too so I’m assuming they weren’t their real names. Thank you for your comment. 🙂

  4. I thought the pics were great! Good job!

  5. school children
    without electronic media?
    sounds unthinkable 🙂

  6. Nice photos and experience. Thanks for sharing Laura 🙂

  7. This is lovely Laura 🙂 The girls look utterly gorgeous in their smocks and bonnets!

  8. Glad you took the risk and took their photo beautiful photos.

  9. Laura, they are amazing! You are so clever .. Super pics! 🙂

  10. School the old-fashioned way? Sounds great as long as they leave out the bit about rulers and knuckles.
    Looking at the name tags, I wonder if they gave the kids names of the time period.

    • Rulers and knuckles, lol. I think they gave them the nametags. i really should’ve asked but they are all old-fashioned names. I have a hard time believing someone would name their child “Eugene” these days. 🙂

  11. Very cute. I particularly like the photo of the little girl having a ladle of water poured over her hands.

  12. I think you did just fine – you not only captured the people, but got some of the essence of the day.

  13. I believe you do have a talent for taking photos of people. Keep it up. Having said that, I like the top best.

  14. What an opportunity! I especially like the close crop with the girl in the blue hat and the wicker basket handle in the foreground. Great stuff!

  15. The photos are lovely.
    And so is the post.

  16. you must have done something right because they look adorable. What a fun time for all. I like your top on the table and the stilts!

  17. What a wonderful way to learn history – love the photos

  18. ‘I have practically zero experience taking people photos and it shows’

    as long as you enjoyed yourself.

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