Laura Macky Photography

Journey of a body on this earth

17 thoughts on “pampas-web

  1. That is just heavenly. Wish I had been there. Fancy giving you the boot! How rude … 😉

  2. I love to go to the beach at the magic hour but so does every other mad photographer. . I will have my tripod set up then someone will get in front of my frame. I soemtimes get a bit annoyed as they are in my line of sight and feel I should have a perimeter line set up that says do not cross BUT that would be mean of me….doesn’t stop me from thinking it though! Thank goodness for spot removal. At least at the beach its not private and eventually you can find a quiet area, not so in your case. I also have a 3 second rule. If you see a great pic and dont take it within 3 seconds soemone will come in and spoil it and never leave before you do…happens all the time. I am learning patience though.

    • Maybe we need to put out orange cones on the beach lol. I’ve had that happen…what you described. I like the three second rule! Patience is definitely a photographer must. I must say I did find the whole thing rather amusing. Thank you for sharing your comments!

  3. Ps your shot was fantastic so at least you got one great one!

  4. At least you got one good one and a funny story to tell. I highly recommend you never do weddings. I was a wedding photographer years ago and it was the hardest job I ever did.

    • I love my funny stories. 🙂 I’ve heard wedding photography is grueling. I’m really not a people photographer either. I like looking at the portraits but don’t like taking them. I’ll stick to the pampas grass lol!

  5. Laura… just beautiful light caught on the grass… love it!!!!

  6. superb image, a great delicacy

  7. Such an interesting effect. I really like this Laura!

  8. Did I not tell you that this is an exceptional photo? Well, IT IS. I love it.

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