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This Quacks Me Up


Some of you may know how much I love ducks.  They always seem to be smiling don’t they?

Fortunately, we have a pond practically right out our back door and we love hearing the gentle little “quacks” when they’re out and about.  Maybe it’s my imagination but was this mother checking me out?  I hoped to see her ducklings but alas, no luck.

I clicked and smiled back.  😀



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Journey of a Body on this Earth

48 thoughts on “This Quacks Me Up

  1. Hey Laura … quack quack. I too love ducks, although we don’t have any at Frog Pond Farm. Am thinking about getting a peacook though. 🙂

  2. She is checking you out for sure! they are very alert when they have babies. What a beauty of a picture, with the water all green from the reflected color of the trees.

  3. I had a friend once (hard to believe, yes I know–hahaha) who had a pet duck who lived in his house with him and his parents. (They lived in Dallas). I was twelve or thirteen. Anyhow I thought it odd to have a duck as a pet. And this coming from a kid who would end up with a pet raccoon, a pet cougar, pet octopus, pet nurse shark, pet moray eel, pet jumping spiders, ant farms, et cetera.

  4. I like ducks too! There have been a lot of them at the forest preserves I’ve been hanging out at.

  5. Duck Dodger in the 21st Century!

  6. I was told once that I look like a duck, calm and serene but underneath the water I furiously working. I love the contrasted colours in the water that draw your focus to the duck.

  7. Yes I reckon she’s checking you out to see if it is safe to bring the little ones out at a later stage… Love the photo and look forward to the ducklings to come…

  8. I think she was, and I love how you captured the ripples in the water.

  9. Beautifully captured!! And love the pun too.. lol


  10. She’s giving you some side-eye!

  11. I’m waiting for the ducks to come back to the river beside my office building. Then the ducklings…
    Very nice and peaceful shot.

    • Ohhh I hope you get a shot of them! The ducklings here are actually not ducklings anymore I just noticed this morning. Thank you for the compliment…it really was very peaceful.

  12. You can be sure the little ones are hidden under her wings. Mothers are ever vigilant and protective.

  13. reading all the comments here I do prefer to see duckies in the back yard pond as opposed to cougars or sharks. However I have been known to be quite fond of mythical beasties in the deep forest and coves.

  14. Um, Laura, did you take her any snacks? Look a bit like a “I’m starving here, where’s the bread?” look, to me.

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