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The Morning Hour


I managed to get myself out of bed early this morning so that I could catch some morning light.  These pictures were taken just a few miles from where we live.  The green hills have now turned brown as usual at this time of year.  It’s why California is called “The Golden State”.  Do you see the living creature in the shed photo???

The morning was so quiet…just me, my camera and….someone checking me out.  🙂




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Journey of a Body on this Earth

133 thoughts on “The Morning Hour

  1. The deer and the shed ones are my favourites. 🙂

  2. The image of the deer is precious!

  3. The image of the rolling hills looks just like the countryside around my place! Gotta love those early morning walks, getting a bit cold for it over here though.

  4. California is called “The Golden State”

    I never knew (OK. Lance is a smart-ass)
    You do know, I spent lots of years in CA?
    Almost my second home.
    And once in a while, I miss it.
    Great photos Laura!
    Sincerely love your work.

  5. Great Images Laura looks like you caught the light just perfectly. It really worth is getting out of bed for !!

  6. It paid to get up early. Great shots Laura!

  7. Wonderful! I love the deer looking at you!! and the soft melting effect of the tall grasses. The shed is great too.

  8. You totally captured the look of those golden hills I remember so well. Beautiful.

  9. The doe is spying on you… Nice photography!

  10. Hi Laura,
    That young deer reminds of one time when we went blueberry picking. It was late July and some of the berries must have been fermenting. We encountered a young faun. It still have the large spots on its sides. It turned and looked at us and smiled. I think it was slightly drunk. It wasn’t at all afraid. It just wandered off.
    But it definitely smiled at us.

  11. Just gorgeous, Laura…that deer is beautiful

  12. Nice set of images. I’m glad you got up early. I love the photo of the doe. Is that a turkey in front of the shed?

  13. How funny we did the same thing this morning. I also went out, and very close to home too. Your images are different to mine, but they are fantastic. I love early mornings.

  14. Nothing beats getting out early – the air is fresh and there is still a bit of morning moisture to make even the warmest day seem crisp. You nailed the DOF on the deer and I think I see a turkey by the shed.

    • I agree! It was so pretty. I need to do it more often. I think I like it better than twilight even! And thanks for the DOF compliment. And you are correct….gobble gobble.

  15. That is the most delightful deer photo! I just can’t take my eyes off it!

  16. That deer photo is just so endearing… beautiful capture, it just blends so well with the surrounds…

  17. You live in a nice area. Nice pics. My morning finds me nursing a wee hangover, so while my body has seen the morning, my brain has not…..

    • Thank you…I am very lucky where I live and I am thankful every day. Oh no! Hangover! I haven’t had one in a long time. Poor thing. I used to love tacos. They helped with hangovers. 🙂

  18. The early bird they say! Well you certainly “caught the worm” with that beautiful early morning light; a beautiful gallery of glorious images Laura 🙂

  19. Really nice photos Laura, good to see the world in the early morning 😀

  20. Oooh nice photos. Is that a turkey in front of the shed? Whatever it is, it’s doing a great job of blending in!

    • Thank you so much David. Yes that is indeed a turkey. I saw him there when I was taking snapshots but mostly his or her head was down. This one was the only one where the head was up.

  21. Such a lovely soft morning you captured here Laura … it must have set you up for the day I’m sure .
    That little deer is so sweet … great timing .. and I love the look of the rolling mounded hills

  22. The morning light always caresses in a more soth way the nature 🙂 wonderful photos Laura

  23. I really do like your work Laura 🙂

  24. These almost look like Texas! Hey, the early bird gets the worm and the best pictures.

    • Thank you Beth! I’ve only been to one part of Texas which looks nothing like this but Texas is HUGE like California. There are so many different types of areas within only a few miles.

  25. These are ALL really terrific Laura. It’s really good to see you getting out more my friend.

  26. Love the first but they’re all cracking shots

  27. Wish I’d been there Laura. That deer peeping through the long grass is super. Is that a turkey by the shed? Wonderful pics ..

  28. Just beautiful once more Miss Laura. I have to finish editing some photos from yesterday and then I will put them up 🙂

  29. Hi Laura, I popped over from suzjones’ blog to have a quick look. Love your pics.

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  31. Thanks God you waked up in the morning and result is seen in these pics 🙂 ..Love the photos.
    May Allah bless you and your loved ones. ameen

  32. Simply gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing. It makes me homesick seeing those deer!

  33. LAURA! You just keep getting better and better. The photo of the deer is just SO precious! All your images are gorgeous! Wow! Just wow! Thank you so much for sharing them! Love, Amy

  34. Great shots Laura…..really like that simple, mellow-lighted landscape

  35. Gorgeous images captured in gorgeous light. And yes, I do see the animal next to the shed. All images are well composed and simply beautiful.

  36. Beautiful scenery and morning light.

  37. This is a nice set of images. Grat.

  38. Wow, simply amazing shots! Thank you for sharing, I love morning light 🙂

  39. Mornings…. And evenings…. wonderful moments – also for shooting photos. Yours here are amazing!

  40. Laura, is that your thanksgiving turkey over by the shed?

    The picture of the deer is WONDERFUL. You really captured her in great light. That picture alone must have made it worthwhile to forego a little shut eye.

    • It is indeed a turkey Betty. There are a lot of those around here. Thank you so much for your compliment on the deer photo. I was really excited to get such a straight-on shot!

  41. Beautiful photos! Love the one of the deer!! 🙂

  42. Love that dear little deer head peeping around !

  43. Such beautiful images and also my favourite time of day…watching the day awaken around you.
    Love the way you see and think Laura! 🙂

  44. Your photography is amazing. I love it. I’ll keep coming back.

  45. The deer is so sweet there! I love abandoned buildings too. Looking at the rolling hills, though, put me in mind of someone asleep under the covers; this is a very pleasant photograph. 🙂

  46. Very nice post work on all the shots. Really like the color and simplicity of the deer shot.

  47. how delightful and amazing what we can catch if we wake up early enough

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