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Up Close in the Forest


The other day we went to Redwood Regional Park in Oakland and it was a beautiful, warm day.  The dense redwoods provided a nice cover from the sun as we meandered through the forest.  Most people don’t realize Oakland has such beauty.  It has the perfect climate, a fantastic location, and the parks in the hills are absolutely gorgeous.

As we were walking around, I took some pictures of the redwoods but this grouping of pine cones caught my eye.  I thought to myself…how can I present this differently than just a straight up shot.  I love experimenting to create artful images and Photoshop really is like a “digital paintbrush” to me.  Hope you enjoy this bit of the forest!


Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, California

Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, California



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

86 thoughts on “Up Close in the Forest

  1. Very nice capture! Throw in a few red berries and you’ve got your Christmas card for next year!

  2. Very awesome, almost surreal 🙂

  3. beautiful reminder
    of cycling up redwood road from castro valley 🙂

  4. As I said on G+ the cone looks like it has a touch of bronze gilding! Very beautiful composition Laura!!

  5. Gorgeous pic–I used to know the Berkeley part of those very same hills like the back of my hand. And you’re right, easy to not know such beauty hangs over the East Bay.

    • Thank you Joshua 🙂 Periodically I try to convey what beauty lies in my hometown. I consider Berkeley part of it too because the hills are the hills that is until you get to Richmond LOL.

  6. Very nice image, I like the soft toning and contrast. I haven’t been to the woods in ages, must head out there soon.

  7. I love the composition,,, the depth of field… brilliant capture…

  8. beautiful and nothing more pretty than photos from the redwoods

  9. That is lovely Laura 🙂 The tonal quality is perfect! The background almost has the look of an alien, abstract landscape.

  10. Great shot! Nice composition and just the right DOF. It is always nice to be able to capture a subject in a way that makes it interesting. That’s one thing I am always working on. Trying different angles and DOF to try and get that unique perspective. By trying to visualize this everytime I go out and shoot is helping me to improve on seeing the photos before I even decide to set up my camera to shoot the photo. Just wish I had more time to do so. Happy shooting!

    • Thank you so much for your always thoughtful comments! It is always a challenge to do something uniquely “mine” (whatever that is lol). Just trying to do something other than oh, a perfect sunset or a perfect beach. While those are lovely, I’m trying to go more into a style of my own. Thank you again! happy shooting to you too!

      • Yes, with this day and age and more photographers out there, it is much harder to get that shot that stands out from the crowd. It is very difficult to get a shot that has not yet been done a hundred times before. The way I see it is you need to treat photography a little like a band. You start out trying to mimic others until you understand how to get the shots, then you start to transition into your own style and then start looking for and getting the new shots that haven’t been done before. And if you think about it, both with photography and music, they have the challenge of the more time that passes, the harder it is to be more unique as people are constantly creating new work.

        • I completely relate to the music analogy being I’m a musician. It is so true! Get the fundamentals down and figure out your own unique expression. So well said !

  11. Only just fantastic – great shot – could be a straight shot, but only you know what was done – regardless, ++++Likes on this detail.

  12. Laura, you have captured it beautifully!

  13. You’re having way too much fun:) I’m jealous

  14. I love pine cones. Didn’t know they existed over in your end of the world. They look prickly, but they never really are. As a kid, I would pick up pine cones in the school yard, and then my class and I would paint them during art class 😀 Great shot. Love how the dull colours don’t overwhelm and blend into each other, well done.

  15. I think the experiment works. Taking pictures of large trees never seems to work for me. The pinecones is an excellent representation.

  16. Beautiful designs of nature, Laura!

  17. I like your composition Laura.

  18. I love your composition in this shot. The highlight on the main subject draws the viewer’s eye yet allows them to wander a bit to pick out details in the background. Well done!

  19. Great photo! Love the texture and dimension.

  20. I never knew a pine cone could look so good!

  21. I love everything about this photograph. The soft color, the way the composition flows from the main subject to the softer pinecones to the out of focus background. I also love that the main subject is predominantly brown while the rest of the scene is mostly green. Nice job!

  22. Love the crisp/sharp cone in the foreground

  23. I know this park well. It is a hidden treasure. I never know if I should expose these precious places with others. It is definitely a place worth taking a long leisurely walk. Thank you for sharing, perhaps you will inspire others to go there as well.

  24. Outstanding shot Laura.

  25. I was born and raised in Oakland and it really is a beautiful, amazing place, full of tall Redwoods, cultural diversity, great people and great food. Best city by the Bay, in my opinion :-).

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