Laura Macky Photography

Journey of a body on this earth

8 thoughts on “barn-web

  1. Early morning light is tricky like that – you have to sneak up on it. That’s why I have a lot of pictures of sunsets, and almost none of sunrises.

  2. Congrats on rising early. That’s the hardest thing to do no matter how enthusiastic you are. Well worth it, I love the different textures highlighted by the morning ray’s, great

  3. Old barns are the best. Really like the sunlight on the remnants of red paint.
    The early bird got a good picture. 🙂

  4. Lovely. Sunrise and sunset illuminates God’s creation like no other time of the day. And if we are very lucky He throws in a few flaming clouds just to remind us how wondrous our little blue orb truly is. What a blessing!

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