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Togetherness – Monochrome Madness


Awhile ago, I was out taking pictures of a church and did my usual 360 degree turn to see what else might be interesting and saw this group of people walking away from me.   Their embrace and clothing signified unity to me and a closeness not often displayed here in this country.

It was appropriate too that they were walking away from me, defining the difference between how I would walk with friends or family on the street versus how they were moving down the pathway together.

The entire challenge can be found later on Leanne Cole’s Site “Monochrome Madness”  so please check it out.


Street photography taken in Oakland, California





Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

78 thoughts on “Togetherness – Monochrome Madness

  1. This is truly a beautiful image Laura!

  2. Great shot. Love the way the tree frames their embrace, too.

  3. This is very good Laura 🙂

  4. They look very close (friends).
    Fab shot.

  5. Like the image but just a tad too much foreground for me – I would crop it a bit. Just an opinion of course….Enjoy your day, MM 🍀

  6. Great shot Laura, It just goes to show how important it is, to take a step back and look around. You never know what you might be missing 🙂

  7. Great timing – perfect tonal separation too. I agree that if I was with my friends or family there would be a bit more space between all of us. Great one for the challenge Laura.

  8. Being a person who would be quite content living on an island all alone, the closeness you captured both touches my heart, and gives me the shivers. Don’t think I could do it, but find it so moving others are that comfortable being in each other’s space. I think your photo is wonderful!

    • I love how you put that….comfortable on an island alone and the closeness touches your heart and gives you shivers. THAT is me. In a nutshell! Of course I’d need my computer and the internet. lol Thank you so much for your comments. 🙂

  9. That is lovely Laura! Family bonds are precious 🙂

  10. Nice shot. I like the tones in the frame

  11. I can feel the happiness in it, makes me wish I could see their faces just to get a glimpse, great shot! 🙂

  12. Beautiful! Yes Americans have space issues that do not serve us well.

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  14. A beautiful and thoughtful image, Laura!

  15. that is a lovely composition. It feels as though they are walking away fulfilled and purposefully- and with love. Many stories come to mind.

  16. Great shot which has stimulated a really interesting conversation about cultural differences. I don’t imagine seeing a group of native Anglo-Saxons, above the age of 16-18, getting that close here in UK.

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  18. That is so true Laura, it isn’t something you see very much here either. Lovely moment captured.

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  20. Thank you for the photograph and for the thoughtful words you wrote to accompany it.

  21. This photo and the “spirit” of the group are both amazingly clear.

  22. When I worked in Sinai (SFM) we had several hobby shops on our base. (‘They’ were afraid we would all go stir-crazy living out there in the desert–Thank God we had a bar and pool tables! So we all became juicers and pool hustlers) Not too many made use of the Hobby Shops.

    This was The Seventies of course and of course no internet or anything like that. We had a model shop, a lapidary shop, a Ham Radio Shack, a woodworking shop, a stone tumbling shop-not sure what you call that one- and a photography shop. I taught myself how to print from negatives (not to actually develop film), but I had great fun playing with my B/W prints. Ah…. happy memories!

    Love the photo Laura. It does speak volumes.

    Yer frin,

    • Thank you for the mini story! I love hearing them as you know. I’ve never worked with film but it sounds fun and I’m glad it brought back happy memories for you. 🙂

  23. I do love this photo. People fascinate me.

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