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Please vote for my photos!


Vote for My Photos on the Weather Channel

Would you help me out?  I would LOVE to see a few votes for my photos so I don’t look totally lame with zero votes, lol.

Click on the link below and below that huge image that says VOTE NOW and right below the Twitter, Google+ and FB icons,  you’ll see a search box.  Type Laura Macky and then hit ‘enter’.  My photos will then show up.  Choose one and Then click the heart to vote!   I would sure appreciate it!!  Only one vote per day is allowed unfortunately.




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Journey of a Body on this Earth

176 thoughts on “Please vote for my photos!

  1. L…..I tried the link, but it takes me to a very strange configuration of the weather channel page. There is not search only a place to enter zip code for weather forecast. Was going to send you a vote or two………..jim

  2. Would love to vote for you but the site accepts no input.

    • This is strange. My husband just voted. Did you follow the directions I posted? Just curious because I’ll take this down if it’s not working.

      • Yup and I tried it in Chrome, Firefox and Safari, must be a security setting. Many websites want something the latest browser security does not like and hence the problem. I would not take it down, many people will not have the same issue and will get into the site.

        • I did get a few votes. I also updated to inform people that it won’t work on the ipad or iphone. I just tried it from those devices. 😦 Thanks for wanting to though!

  3. It would only let me vote for one. I’ll see if I can do another one tomorrow.

  4. Have voted on one but want to do more so I will
    have to find a few more computers!! Really love the B&W tree on the hill but will do that one next. Good luck Laura 🙂

  5. Hi Laura,
    I think I voted for your “Morning light” with the deer. I see you can vote ever 24 hours so I’ll try and vote again tomorrow.
    Good luck. You have some good pictures entered.

  6. You can only vote for one, I have done it, sorry, I don’t know if I have helped.

    • Unfortunately people can only vote for one per day 😦 I’ll have to change the post so everyone knows. (after I view all these comments!) Thank you for voting Leanne 🙂

  7. Got you covered Laura – one vote/IP/day – My favorite (Dreaming) is up twice – potentially draining votes from each other. FYI.

  8. I did it!!! Nice photos as always!!!

  9. Voted!!!! Good luck Laura 🙂 ~ Dave

  10. You can only vote once per 24 hour period of time from 1 computer.
    I will be voting for ya 🙂 Great photos Laura
    Good luck,

  11. I voted! Beautiful photos!

  12. Great photos Laura. I voted 🙂

  13. I was only able to vote for one, so voted for “Dreaming by the Pond” as it had the most votes. Beautiful work as always, Laura!

  14. yup yup got er done 🙂 day in day out now sticker on wall 🙂 Q

  15. My vote done for the day 🙂

  16. Did it! I vote for the dark clouds. Nice one!

  17. Greetings Laura: I tried to vote for all of yours, but they only allow this computer to vote once every 24 hours – so I’ll come back. All your photos are very beautiful and deserve to be voted ! I’ll see if when I go back and pick another one they will still reject this IP address….I’ll let you know. V .

    • Thank you so much Vera….I’ve been finding this out about only voting once a day. even if everyone just votes once, I am honored. Thank you SO much for this!

  18. PS: from your link Click here to vote I then put in your name in the search and all your photos came up together. The line at the top of your photos is only :

    see if it goes to your photos – otherwise we admirers just do the search !…

    • Oh I thought I typed that out in my blog about typing in my name in the search field. But yes, that is how it’s done. Thank you for typing it here for others to see. 🙂

      • The link I copied does not go to yr. set of photos. Tricky Weather Channel ! The search is necessary to arrive at you set.
        With all due respect to the many other good photographers I did not want to see bzillion other photos in order to find yours …

  19. Voted! It was so hard to pick just 1!

  20. I did for yin and yang. It was hard to make a choice.

  21. Laura I clicked on the link in your post and ti took me to a weather channel page, however I did not see any of what you described on that page no BIG VOTE HERE, and underneather the google I cons etc what you said should be there. I was kind of lost on that page. I will try again later, as you know you would have my vote.

    • I’m sorry 😦 Some people are having issues with it for some reaosn and others are not and I’m not sure why. I think there are issues with the ipad and iphone. Don’t worry about it…just knowing you wanted to means a lot! Thank you 🙂

      • Thank you Laura, I am using a Laptop,, and I am sorry to hear others are having the same problems, however I am glad to know it is just not me! However, you can be assured you would have my vote anytime you need it, as you are a wonderfully skilled photographer!

  22. Voted and it was registered…Sadly you can only vote once. It is an amazing competition, they have some really gorgeous images. Thanks for bringing this contest to my attention.

  23. Thank you for voting :). I wish we could vote for more than one. You are right….there are some amazing images!

  24. They took the Weather Channel off of Direct Tv:( I would vote for you… Now we get some poor cousin whether canal which has D weather people doing the weather.

  25. I went there. Nothing showed up on the IPad!

    • yeah the ipad has it’s issues. It has to be done from a computer I found out or these long iphone/ipad instructions which I didn’t want to post because it would turn people away with so many instructions! lol Thank you anyway 🙂

  26. Great pictures you have there! Gave you a vote 😉

  27. Voted, great set of images, hard to chose only one, I guess I will have to go back tomorrow. Best of luck with them Laura 🙂

  28. I also voted for you Laura, will go back tomorrow as well, I just hope to remember.
    Good luck! 😀

  29. I voted I voted! Lol For AGAINST ALL ODDS what an amazing photograph which I believe I committed about on your blog before. Best of luck!

  30. Voted. Best of luck 😀

  31. Lovely photos Laura – I too have added my vote – good luck!

  32. Lovely set of photos, hard to choose just one! Love the surfers, captures the weather perfectly! Good luck 🙂

  33. I voted for one of your photos Laura, great stuff, good luck, Rob

  34. It was tricky but done. Good luck Laura! 🙂

  35. Done! 🙂 Good Luck , hope you win !

  36. Great photos! it was not easy to get there, but i voted for “Dreaming by the Pond”. I wish you a lot of luck!

  37. Laura, I am having trouble getting to vote. I really tried. I click on the photo to vote and then it takes me to nowhere land. Darn it! xx Amy

    • If you are on an iphone or an ipad it won’t work easily. I’m not sure why some people can vote and some can’t. It’s so frustrating. 😦 I tested it on my mac and then on my husband’s PC and it worked and I see some people can and some can’t. Oh well, you tried! That’s all I can ask. Thank you!

      • I am on an iPad. I’ll try later on my laptop, Laura. I’ll do my best! Love, Amy

        • Thank you….a friend of mine posted the instructions on Facebook for the iPhone and iPad…if you’re so inclined. lol 1. Touch link, then open in Safari
          2. Turn phone sideways to view in landscape mode (horizontally)
          3. Go to TOP of page and touch “Photos” (touch it again, if it doesn’t highlight. You may need to ‘find’ the tabs bar again by dragging the page down if the web site address search field pops up and covers it)
          4. From the drop down menu, choose “Vote in photo contest”
          5. Turn your phone back to normal vertical viewing
          5. NOW touch the spyglass search icon to the right of “Recent Entries”, touch “Search Entries”, type “Laura Macky” and hit the ‘return’ key
          5. Touch whichever photo you wish to vote on and *wait* till it completely loads. Now you will see the “Vote” button and just touch/click it!
          I see that we can vote every 24 hrs. (I think we should all agree to vote on the same photo. Then she’ll rack up more points on one photo, instead of them being spread out.)
          14 hours ago · Edited · Unlike · 2

  38. done

  39. did it – I love your photos! good luck!

  40. This is great! I’ve found that that TWC knows my computer but doesn’t know who owns the computer sitting next to it. Same goes for the laptop on my wife’s desk. So three votes today, more tomorrow 😉

  41. Went there and typed in your name. Nothing was showing up but I noticed the cursor changed when I hovered it over the area below and just clicked and it brought up your image. I put in a vote for you! 🙂
    How long is this by the way? I won’t be able to put any additional votes over the weekend but will next week if it’s still going on.

    • I know the site is a big pain! Had I known everyone’s computer would react differently, I wouldn’t have posted this request. BUT…thank you SO much for being creative and voting for me!! OMG…I just noticed this goes till July 13th! Yikes!

  42. Good luck Laura. I entered one photo in this contest too, but only one. 🙂

  43. Sorry Laura, your photo is amazing but my vote went to the girl in bikini. hehe, no, I wanted to post before but it seems there is a problem with the browsers, at least today I could vote for your photograph (the search with your name just show one, perhaps did i do something wrong?:S) Anyway, good luck.

    • hahaha…funny about the bikini. I think that site is terrible and I’m sorry you had trouble. You are not the only one but I have no idea why some can easily access and some can’t. Thank you for trying so hard and getting to the point where you could vote for one. 🙂

  44. Hi Laura, voted for surfers. Love it.

  45. Done. You know how big I am of your stuff 🙂

  46. No luck on my iPhone. Will try my laptop when I get home. Can’t wait to see your submissions. Which is your favorite?

    • Aww thank you! You’d think the site would be more iPhone friendly! My favorite is the willow pic…the one with the most votes lol. I entered it twice, each for a different category although that’s not evident when you see my pics. They’ll just pop up as small viewable images. Click on one and then click on the heart 🙂 Thank you so much!! ❤

  47. Beautiful photos! I would have voted for all of them but had to select only one.

  48. Voted….:0). Good luck.

  49. Did it.
    Voted for you. (dreaming by the pond)
    (you knew I would)

  50. Spectacular, classic Laura shots!!!! I’d vote for pretty much any of them for pretty much anything, but promise to manage within the limitations of the competition as best I can. 😉 xoxo

  51. VOTED!!! Good Luck Laura!! 🙂

  52. Hey Laura…I tried to vote from my phone last week and it wouldn’t allow me 😦 But I just voted for “Somewhere over the rainbow!!” Yayy! Congratulations…your photos are beautiful…as always 🙂 Best of luck…hope you win!

  53. Pingback: Something blue ~ | Maverick Mist

  54. I voted! Hope I remember again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. . . . . I thought it was one vote per picture per day…bummer

  55. It worked this time and you have my vote!

  56. Great photos, Leanne! I just voted for you again.

  57. I laugh with the comment by Katrina (“…Leanne, I voted for you again”) because the other day I had several windows open and for mistake I put a comment to a photo in another blog :S (“Suddenly it brings memories of my childhood, the same way as the smell of salty sand makes you …”)
    How is it going? I’m voting for your more voted photograph (because my favourite is the one with the rainbow) but it’s not clear when is going to finish the votation, and I feel like the guys in “Lost” that have to enter numeric sequences to avoid the end of the world.

    • LOL…this really is so funny. I don’t blame you for feeling “lost”. Imagine how I felt trying to figure out how to enter the contest. And then not being able to access it in the beginning. The whole thing has been confusing but now I know that voting goes until July 13. hahahahaha! You are not off the hook yet!!! haha omg I can’t stop cracking up!

  58. Laura,

    Hi, and all the best with the competition. I also tried to vote from you – am travelling, and relying solely on my iPad – but also repeatedly ran into glitches trying to vote. Will try again, but am sure you’ll see numerous votes from readers and non-readers alike.

    • Unfortunately I found out that the iPad is the only device that has a hard time now voting. But don’t worry…I’m sure that caused some frustration and for that I apologize. I REALLY appreciate you even trying! Thank you. It means a lot to me. Hopefully you are enjoying your travels. :)))

  59. I think I am the only one voting for the fawn. . . . or is it faun. . . . .

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