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Path of Poppies


California’s state flower is the golden poppy.  I love seeing these growing wild and it’s such a treat when there’s a whole group of them like this.   They are usually only in bloom during springtime and since this photo was taken a few weeks ago, I’m already not seeing many poppies due to the warmer weather.  They are a treat every year!

California Poppies

California Poppies


Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

46 thoughts on “Path of Poppies

  1. Lovely gradation of colour. Looks like the old Kodak ecktachrome, we used to usb to 200 ISO.

    • Thank you! I seem to produce this look on occasion. Others have mentioned this as well. I don’t even know what “ecktachrome” really is except a kind of film. 🙂

      • It was a slide film that had a wide dynamic range (though we did not even use that term). Shot at a higher than advertised ISO (it was rated at 160) in other words under-exposed by a tad increased the blues and saturated the colors.

  2. I love poppies of all hues – they are so colourful and delicate. Thanks for posting this!

  3. Beautiful and dreamy pic, how lovely!!

  4. Poppies are one of my fave flowers Laura… and these grew wild everywhere, where I grew up. I always tried to pick them to take home 🙂
    Lovely photo!

  5. Being a Native Daughter of the Golden West (not officially, just by birth), you know I love a good old California Poppy! Pretty!

  6. Don’t run through them, you will fall asleep!

  7. Gorgeous!!

  8. Enjoyable post as always thanks for sharing!
    ~ American Male Contributor B.W.

  9. they are such happy little flowers!

  10. They are amazing. I really love flowers as you could see on my blog. Hugs, barbara

  11. I love the California poppies, too. I had a batch show up as volunteers in my front yard. What a treat! I think they “escaped” from my neighbors yard.

  12. I love poppies too! We had few and far between this year in AZ, both Mexican Gold and California Poppies. Too little rain last fall and then early in the year. It has been well over 100 days since we have had rain, so probably no wildflowers in the high country this year either 😦


  13. Reblogged this on yoggerlennon.

  14. I love this image, Laura!

  15. It’s nice that you were able to capture them before they left for the year.

  16. Love the clean but soft look to the image, Laura.

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