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Journey of a body on this earth

Corner Girl


You never know what you might see when out and about.   Do you see anything unusual here?  I see some fun answers already…get creative!  I love it!



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

118 thoughts on “Corner Girl

  1. Good photo and yea I think that I do. She stands with the front in the wrong site for the trafic light.

  2. Why is she facing 90 degrees away from the direction of the crosswalk?

  3. She is blind and she waits for someone to help her cross the street.

  4. This photo is awesome…But this girl…
    She looks like a puppet…the one department-stores present their clothes on…isn’t it? Her hands, the face…she looks like plastic or just has a crazy kind of skin and body (far too thin at her arms, too big at her breasts…)

  5. A mannequin seen through the shop window?

  6. is it a mannequin ? 🙂

  7. She looks like. Barbie! Where is Ken?

  8. Is she still in her box?

  9. What a cute shot Laura. I think that’s Ken on the crosswalk sign. He’s pointing right at her, right? And what is he “really” looking at, lol.

  10. It looks to be a hot day there. Why is she wearing jeans and not shorts?

  11. Barbie fell on hard times. She turned to streetwalking to make ends meet. She thought the hat and sunglasses would mask her identity but she underestimated the paparazzi. 😉

  12. When I first saw this (reduced) in my reader, I saw a mannequin – moving to your site I see what seems to be reflections from glass. I’m just curious why she is sporting a lawn mower blade as a belly piercing 🙂

  13. Well, she ain’t gonna push no button. 🙂

  14. Are those real? Oops, I mean is she real…looks like a mannequin?

  15. Very nice use of reflections and I assume, filters.

  16. Their is no female in the world that looks like that…!!!! It is one of those dolls to dress up…. lol… Photoshop.????

  17. She’s very… Robust… 😉

  18. The daughter of one of the Stepford Wives?

  19. I am sorry here, my comment does not fit in with the others, but I really believe a breast reduction for her to be in human sizes would be medically appropriate, unless she was thrown overboard without a flotation device.

  20. The first thing I thought of was, “A life-sized Barbie doll?!”

  21. Dang, some women! Feel like they have to be all plastic to fit in. Just be yourself! We love you for who you are! You’re not fooling anyone…we all can tell she’s had work done. LOL!

  22. My first thought was that she is one of those girls who try to look like a barbie doll. I wouldn’t be surprised with it being CA. 😛 But after reading through the comments I see I was wrong. But, I still wouldn’t be surprised of there are any of those ‘barbie doll’ girls somewhere in the bigger city areas.

  23. That can’t be a real person, is it?

  24. Are you sure? It could be the missing Cherry 2000 masquerading as a nmannequin(1987 flick with Melanie Griffith, David Andrews, and Laurence Fishburne).

  25. She’s stalking ken that’s why the (hat and sunglasses) she has just spotted him on the other side of the road, so she is frozen in place hoping he won’t see her

  26. Looks like you captured the soul of this one Laura. 🙂

  27. It’s an alien posing as a mannequin ready to pounce and take over the world. Have a great night!

  28. She looks happy…to be out in the sun.

  29. One day I saw suddenly a nice pair of legs and an extraordinary body, to my shame (because perhaps somebody saw my astonished face) when I was seeing her arms, back, neck and head I noticed that it was a mannequin…

  30. California is the the Plastic Surgery capital of the world, where as you can see people are made of plastic.

  31. Hahaha, very unusual photo. At first glace I thought she was a Barbie doll mannequin! Of course, there’s every chance that the mannequin can be a real person…it did look a bit like a real person wearing a mask. Love the effects in this photo, sort of accentuates the unreal-ness in your photo 🙂

  32. … a life-size plastic barbie-marilyn … low denominators of a certain side of the U.S. culture ? – the arm is the give away … You elaborate this very nicely … but is it life-size or has the street corner been shrunk to match the figurine, … or is it all Photoshop ??? that is the question…. whether ’tis better… etc.

  33. I would bet a really nice lunch on the fact that you probably got MORE comments than any other post during the past 52 weeks!

  34. Good one Laura!! Poor thing trying to fit in with the regular people. I told you!! She needs to be texting!! Then we wouldn’t notice!

  35. Is there an answer Laura?? 😛
    She’s not a blow up mannequin is she? lol.. ba ha ha!

  36. That guy on the post is totally checkin’ her out.

  37. I was gonna ask if she was wearing a mask, and then I saw your comment on it being a mannequin 😀

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