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The Glowing Flower


Magnolias have a glow all unto themselves.Β  I love these flowers and last night our magnolia tree was showing some pretty blooms…








Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

79 thoughts on “The Glowing Flower

  1. Amazing Laura. I love magnolias, they are so beautiful πŸ˜€

  2. Our magnolias have been blooming for a while now. They are indeed very beautiful. You’ve gotten a beautiful shot!

  3. L…nice, we just moved from the desert SW TX to North TX and we now have the wonderful aroma of the Magnolia…work that funk, it is the only way to shake it…..monos en theos….j

  4. Very pretty…just love magnolia trees

  5. Laura… Magnolias are one of my favourites… what a great photo…

  6. You’ve really brought out the texture on this flower. I can almost smell it as well.

  7. I love Magnolia flowers. Too bad they don’t stick around very long.
    Really nice texture and depth in the image Laura. Well done indeed!

  8. Sublime, Laura! You did a great job of capturing that glow. πŸ™‚

  9. Stunning. Unfortunately where I live mine last about a day. To sbort a time for something so beautiful.

  10. Beautiful – soft lighting does it justice

  11. I love magnolia too. Looking at this photo I can see the veining and the texture of the flower, I can feel its weight in my hand, and its perfume in the air. Superb image.

  12. Magnolia blooms are so beautiful, but you did such an amazing job capturing the real essence of this bloom.

  13. Nice detail, great photo Laura
    I sometimes have a challenging time shooting white flowers.

  14. Yes beautiful! Gorgeous flower, detail and texture.

  15. This is beautiful! I love Magnolias too. I have an album full of them. A couple of years ago I raced around New Orleans capturing the blooms in various stages. Wonderful!

    • Capturing the real blooms or photos of blooms? If they are photos and you have an album here, I’d love it if you pasted the link. πŸ™‚

      • Photos. I knew we were planning to leave New Orleans and I wanted a beautiful magnolia to frame and place in my home. I haven’t posted them here (except an altered one on my “about” page) or even in a Flickr album yet. That is a great idea for a blog post though. I’ll get to it (eventually) and hopefully remember to send you a link! πŸ˜‰

  16. The texture can be seen beautifully, lovely shot.

  17. You inspired me to check my tree later today. You captured the texture so well.

  18. One can almost reach out and feel the softness. Well captured, Laura!

  19. yes the texture and the light of this wonderful photo!! Superb my friend!!!

  20. Wow. Have not seen a magnolia flower in 21 years. Nicely done.

  21. Great composition Laura and the texture in the petals is so rich. Lovely.

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