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Classic Car Time


Not that I know much about classic cars, but I do love looking at them.  There’s a museum near us called The Blackhawk Museum where we took some visiting relatives the other day.  The museum was founded by Ken Behring, who used to own the Seattle Seahawks, and it has an amazing collection of classic cars.

This car is a Ford GT40, driven in the 24H of LeMans by Sutcliffe and Spoerry, 1966.  Kinda cool eh?

I processed it in Nik HDR and then Nik Color Efex with a splash of Photoshop CC here and there.  I really didn’t want to overdo it but wanted to make everything stand out a bit more.  FYI…this was bracketed on my camera and THEN processed as an HDR.  Just to clarify. 🙂

Classic Car at Blackhawk Museum

Classic Car at Blackhawk Museum

Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

50 thoughts on “Classic Car Time

  1. This is great Laura! Nice perspective. Bravo!

  2. Beautiful processing on a beautiful car.

  3. Excellent capture….I just love looking at unique cars

  4. Good job Laura, looks like you had it in a studio all to yourself. Glad for a view of this classic.

  5. You definitely, made it stand out. I’ll have to look up where this museum is located.

  6. Bit of a girl racer then Laura….;0).

  7. I want one please…pleeeeeeze…

  8. Interesting perspective, specially since it’s black all around the car.

  9. Looks like you’re ready for product photography. 🙂
    Great job!

    • haha thank you! I thought the car should be shown how I saw it…very crisp and beautiful lighting without going too HDR crazy.

      • I think you do very good with your hdr as it doesn’t look like hdr was applied to it. I find that with the D610 the dynamic range is so great on the RAW files that I don’t need to do hdr on the photos even though I know I could get better quality if I did hdr. It comes down more to how long it takes to process through hdr than not. I think I may do a post next week on how dynamic range may help when shooting in RAW. A photo I took recently of a sunset looks like there’s no way you could pull any details out from the shadows and I was even amazed that I was able to with the shot.

        • Thanks Justin. The photo was good as it was (in RAW of course) but as you said, the HDR made it so much more vivid because the dynamic range is broader, but I don’t like that gritty stuff so I try to avoid that as much as possible in my photos because I just don’t think it applies to what I’m doing. Sometimes it works just to apply it to a certain part of the photo too and mask out the other part. I love masking. lol

      • When processing through Nik HDR, do you use bracketing images or a single image? Based on research i believe when using a single image is more considered tone mapping which a lot of hdr fanatics consider as a hack rather than a proper way of doing it. Technically though, I believe true hdr image is one done using a bracket of images as it is then using the correct exposure for the different areas to get more of an accurate representation of the those areas rather than a single one where not all the details may be available.

        • Yes i bracketed this particular one and it’s why I chose it to process this way, although I’ve done tone mapping too. Also sometimes when in a pinch, I create 3 exposures in photoshop from one raw photo. That’s not the same as bracketed but I’ve found it works fairly nicely.

          • I’ve done that too. Especially when conditions don’t allow for a nice bracketed shot due to wind, water, or other elements. But depending on who you are talking to you want to be careful on what you label as hdr and not hdr when doing that method as an hdr fanatic would tell you that is not hdr. lol.

            I don’t think it maters either way as long as the result is what you want.

          • Well, just like people say “i took this straight out of the camera” Whoop-dee-doo….so that means you don’t know how to photoshop, lol. I’m bad! But what I mean is that the result is all that counts. But this IS a bracketed photo (for anyone out there who is wondering lol!).

  10. Fabulous Laura!
    This old classic could be a concept car right now… Not that I know anything about cars 😉
    Love your pov here and the soft light touching the panels..and everything. Great shot!!

  11. Stunning shot and processing.

  12. great fun! You captured it!! great angle!!

  13. That’s a great car and a fantastic shot, Laura!

  14. Beautiful one, I visited your Web site and you have marvelous collection, congratulations

  15. I’m with you. I know nothing about them, but they call to me anyway.

  16. I’m not an expert either but my husband knows all of them. We love bringing the family to classic car shows – it is like a history lesson only a lot more fun.

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