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Sailing on 4th of July


The other night I was so excited for my husband and I to meet up with my photo buddy Dan Shehan to shoot the fireworks being displayed in San Francisco.  We had it all planned to meet up at a little pub by the dock on Treasure Island (Treasure Island connects the eastern and the western portion of the bay bridge).  It’s a great place to see the fireworks and thousands of people show up to enjoy the spectacle.

We got there early and were all wide-eyed and bushy-tailed for the event until…..yes…..(insert dramatic music here)….the FOG!  It was creeping over the bay and the city and by the time we got our cameras set up about an hour before the show was going to start, we knew we were doomed for photographing fireworks.

So what do you do when given lemons, eh?  That’s right..make lemonade!  How many times have I gone somewhere expecting to photograph one thing and ended up with another.  Here’s another example.

I’m really loving going in the artsy direction of photographs these days…I think I’ve said that one or two times.  😉   These are some images I took from Treasure Island looking out onto the bay and toward Alcatraz.  Hope you enjoy!

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Journey of a Body on this Earth

113 thoughts on “Sailing on 4th of July

  1. The colors came out really beautifully.

  2. alcatraz never looked
    more alluring 🙂

  3. Very lovely intriguing pictures! 🙂

  4. I love your “lemon-aid” Laura. I also like that you follow your heart and have become more “artsy”. Thanks again to you and your husband on what really turned out to be a terrific photo shooting adventure 🙂

  5. Smooth sailing… love the way you did these.

  6. Those are very special photos, Laura. Lemons and lemonade.

  7. A very nice batch of lemonade.

  8. I think these are great captures in that the colours are magnificent and the fog effect is just unbelievable…

  9. The bottom photo, again, is very “painterly”. Looking at it I can even imagine myself in other other other times. The three smaller boats in the distance really add to the composition. Very beautiful Laura.

  10. I guess I’ll take fog images over fireworks any day…! Three great photos, Laura — the blur came out really well, and I particularly love love love the last one! The light is beautiful and I like what you did with it overall. Did I say I liked the last one? Oh yeah!

  11. Both of you did an amazing job! These are absolutely mystical. It’s funny, I was in San Francisco for an appointment the other day and I was so excited there was fog as I’ve been wanting to do a shoot for an illustrated book I’m writing and I always seem to catch The City on clear bright days. Maybe I can join you and Dan some day!

  12. Gorgeous shots Laura, just goes to show under every clud/fog their is a silver lining 🙂

  13. I love your lemonade!

  14. Wow – your shots are amazing! Just keep you camera out and take what like presents to you. Good eye to recognize an opportunity!

  15. These are just beautiful, love the last one, it is so dream like. No need to get fireworks…this is it.

  16. That’s some beautiful lemonade, Laura!

  17. These photos are absolutely gorgeous, Laura! Cher xo

  18. Beautiful images Laura….great light 😊

  19. Yep… fireworks shots are a dime a dozen. You captured something unique and utterly exquisite. I think a previous comment said it: Alcatraz never looked so good!

  20. Love your processing Laura, you have created beautiful images

  21. A real beauty Laura. Hope ot was a fun weekend.

  22. They look great Laura, I especially like the last one, it does have an artsy quality to it.

  23. Reblogged this on B.E.S.T. Arts Gallery and commented:
    These are absolutely stunning Laura! I so want to be there….

  24. Beautiful images, the light through the fog is wonderful 🙂

  25. It’s an interesting set of images Laura. You have the literal image, an beautiful abstract and a nice painterly textured photograph. IMHO you have a far better, and unique, glass of lemonade then you would have gotten if there was no fog and you concentrated on creating a set of fireworks photos which would have been fun, but in reality has been done a million times before.

    • Rich, thank you…thank you for those thoughtful comments and noticing I have done three different types of images. I was trying to see which way they looked best and it seems people are drawn to the painterly one. I was even wondering about going back and doing them all the same so I’d have a set. Thank you again!

  26. Wonderful. Like especially the use of texture !

  27. Very nice indeed Laura.

  28. The fog worked in your favour, in a way. Love how you made a shadowy effect in the second photo, that looks like a ghost boat. And the last photo looks so much like a painting. Works of art. Well done, Laura. Your photos are always a joy to look at 🙂

  29. Your improvisation amid foggy conditions turned out to be excellent work, Laura!

  30. I adore the last photograph Laura. It;s mesmerizing and the light is just magical. Ypu’ve done a great job making it look like a painting 🙂

  31. Love these photos Laura! At least you were giving the opportunity to photograph something. 😀

    • Thank you Justin! Yes, I feel it was not a total bust. Plus it was FFREEEZZZINGGGG!!!! lol

      • I was hoping to get some photos of fireworks but didn’t go anywhere. I did enjoy having fun with the kids though.
        Freezing in July? lol. I’m surprised that it’s actually been in the 50’s and 60’s for lows this year here. It’s been nice. Although without the dry heat during the day it keeps making the mosquitoes quite bad.

        • I live about 35 miles away from SF now (we just moved) and there can easily be a 35 degree swing in temperature from where I live to where SF is. I left the house and it was 95 degrees…hotttttt….got to SF and it was breezy and cold and by the time 3 hours later rolled around I had a vest, a sweater and a jacket on! After the photos, I got back home and it was hot again lol.

          • I’d still consider that shorts and t-shirt weather. 😛
            But I’m a bit more acclimatized to colder weather as the winters here lately have been in the teens and single digits for weeks on end. I very much enjoy the 50’s and 60’s and don’t pull out the light spring jacket until it hits the 40’s. I was very happy when I mowed the other morning and it was in the mid 50’s. And yes, even though I was using a riding mower, I still mowed in shorts and a t-shirt. 🙂

          • O-M-G! That is freezing! I’m used to foggy SF as I used to live there and go there a lot anyway but I like living inland a bit where I can see the sun. I remember months going by when I lived down by the beach and I never saw the sun.

          • Not freezing. Just slightly cool. Freezing is when your spit hits the ground and shatters.

          • Yeah that’s me in 50 degrees loool. jk 😉

  32. You’ve really made the absolute best of that fog! One might even suggest it turned out ideally ‘with’ the fog as opposed to without it!

    Beautifully captured.


  33. these are among your best Laura!! I love the subtlety of colour and the light!! They truly are like paintings!!

  34. Incredibly beautiful Laura!!! Gotta love how we expect one thing and something completely different is shown to us!!! Blessitude ❤

  35. I came in from North Carolina and was in Sausalito that day staying at a friend’s place overlooking the water. What a day (and night with the fireworks). These shots are wonderful, Laura. Great work.

  36. Just gorgeous Laura. Almost like a painting 🙂

  37. Love all of your photos Laura, but man this one just has it all, the blues in the skies transitioning over to deep golden hues and the sail boat in the foreground or fore sea well forefront perhaps. It is simply STRIKING!

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