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The Door – Monochrome Madness


I wondered what was behind this door.  It was tucked away amongst some trees with some light streaming through above.   A few things that attracted me to this door were the shadows of the leaves, the scratches on the door, the shingled building, and the metal on the bottom of the door.  The metal seemed to gleam and I think that attracted me the most.  I processed this in Photoshop CC and Nik SEP2.

What would you want to find behind this door?  Hmm????

Check out the gallery at Leanne Cole’s Blog later today!  I always look forward to seeing what everyone does.

The Door

The Door





Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

70 thoughts on “The Door – Monochrome Madness

  1. Spooky, eery. Lovely light and texture.

  2. Reblogged this on william patrick photo and commented:
    Beautiful shadow work Laura!

  3. a large comfortable couch with a fireplace in front of and enough wood to spend the rest of this winter day there (I would bring my camera and iPod, of course. Ah! and the book I am reading! )

  4. Love it…just a bit eerie, possibly sinister… 🙂

  5. Like the photo but don’t want to try and guess what is behind it…. that missing body the police are searching for, might just be there…

  6. In my life behind that door is a telephone terminal blocked by stuff… But that’s just me:)

  7. Intriguing, eerie door. The scratch marks could be from an animal that wants to enter but is denied. The cold, modern look of the door is an unwelcoming one. I feel someone who wants to be left alone lives there with, perhaps, nefarious intent.

  8. I love black & white pix! ❤ but I'd ask "who"?… 🙂 my answer: Bruce Sprinsteen or Pierce Brosnan, or both… 🙂

  9. I did leave a reply, but can’t see it… maybe @ spam?!… 🙂

  10. Great shot Laura!

    The many things that I would wish to be beyond that door…
    A door can open many possibilities if left to the imagination. My mind keeps changing on what I would want. 🙂

  11. Spooky again – you will have to check out the post I have lined up for tomorrow…..😃

  12. Very nice. You didn’t open it?

  13. Great image. Those scratches on the bottom corner of the door are wild. Really cool entry Laura!

    • Thank you Carrie! By the way….you haven’t posted correct? I’ve been checking but I thought maybe I had an incorrect link.

      • I have been so busy these past 10 days!! I was going to post something simple today if I get a moment. Just got back from house hunting in Arcata the past 3 days. I was in heaven. Life is looking so bright right now 🙂

        • Oh I’m so glad for you Carrie!! I can’t wait to see pics from your new digs once you get them that is lol. I’ll be afk for a few days myself beginning tomorrow. I’ll make up a post for that tomorrow.

          • I can’t wait to take photos of my new digs when our offer is approved and we are officially there. I can’t sleep I am so excited. Hope you won’t get sick of seeing trees, ocean, beach, marshlands, birds, ferns, wildflowers…It is all around me there, amazing to think I can walk in a redwood forest in the morning and have lunch at the beach, 15 min drive apart!!! Ahhh, can you tell it is sinking in 🙂

          • Rub it in Carrie, rub it in!!! LOL!!!!! It’s going to be so beautiful. My favorite things so I can never ever be sick of them! I can’t wait!

          • Oh, so glad to hear you won’t get bored with my content 🙂 Neither will I!! Just posted, a wildflower from the marsh at dusk…YUM.

  14. I have no story to this door, but I like how you left ligt in front of the door – taking us towards it,. Great photo as your always are Laura,

  15. Through the door there is a dark room. Two guys are waiting in plain wooden chairs and one of them, bald and a bit fat, smoking, in front of a circular table. On the table there is a gun.

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  17. Love this entry this week Laura! Very mysterious and atmospheric. Makes me want to know what secret it holds!!

  18. I’d want you behind the door to tell me it’s just a dream, lol. Love how the scratch marks are highlighted.

  19. Inviting and mysterious at the same time…beautiful work, Laura!

  20. Ha ha you are busted!!
    Now they know that you know 😀
    My mind doesnt usually take me down the dark path… But I agree with bulldog on this one! :O

    Also love the ‘everyday-ness’ of this door.

  21. Top pic … I think there is a pooch sitting on the other side of the door, waiting to be taken for a walk. There we go ..nothing scary at all 🙂

  22. Super, super Laura! 🙂

  23. A mystery yet to be found..or a box of chocolates, maybe? :)) Awesome composition Laura! Always enjoy your beautiful photos!

  24. love the mystery of doors!! Something’s been scratching on that one! Love it Laura!!

  25. I find the door quite eery, foreboding even. I wonder why there is a metal plate across the bottom. To Stop entry? Is it on the other side? To prevent exit? Of what? #Shudders

    Great picture!!

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