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Close and Closer!


The next couple of days I’ll be gone enjoying some fun activities and won’t be able to post or comment; however, I thought I’d schedule this post.  What I have here are two photos of beads on a lamp we have.  The first one was taken with my 35mm and the second taken with my new macro.  Granted, I have literally only taken a very few shots with this macro lens, but I cannot believe how close you can get!

I can’t wait to try it out more this upcoming weekend, but for now I’ll say so long and see you on Friday!




Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

36 thoughts on “Close and Closer!

  1. Super dooper macro indeed! Enjoy your holiday.

  2. Nice, I like the closer one.

  3. Can’t wait to see more photos with your new macro lens 😀

  4. Abstract vs Concrete imagery. Both are very good for very different reasons – enjoy your time away 🙂

  5. Nice. I’ll be interested in seeing future examples with this new lens. Also will be curious about which lens you chose and why.

    • I chose the Nikon 105mm, the newer lens mostly because I need Vibration Reduction. I can’t carry a tripod a lot of the time because of my physical issues so that’s what made me choose the newer 105mm over the older one.

  6. It is great, isn’t it? I can’t wait until I get my extension tubes to see how much closer I can get than it already does. Hope you have fun on your small vacation! Can’t wait to see what you capture with your new lens. 🙂

    • It is Justin. I can’t wait to do more. Just been so busy lately. Hopefully in the next couple days. It’s a whole other world there!

      • Since I have learned how to work with manual focusing with that lens I have had tons of ideas popping in my head of what I want to do now. Now it’s just finding the time to do so. I also find that the more I use this lens the more I like it. It’s always in my bag when on a walk. Never know when I’m going to want it.

  7. They look lovely.

  8. I love playing with my macro lens…’s a whole new world to discover! Great capture of this seemingly uninteresting orb…up close it is so cool!

  9. I love my macro lens… the pics you can get. These are lovely, the difference is visible 🙂

  10. A new lens! What fun!!!

  11. Loving those beads Laura .. and your lens. Fun times whatever you do 🙂

  12. love both photos as they each offer something different 🙂

  13. The difference is amazing – both are lovely pictures in their own right, however that Macro is absolutely stunning. The detail is profound!

    Hope you are having a good few days away!

    Miss Lou

  14. your new macro is wonderful as is your magic eye!!

    • Thank you 🙂 I really can’t wait to explore more with this lens. I’m back now from two days away so hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some opportunity to test it out!

  15. There’s nothing like a little bit of macro.

  16. A true macro can be a lot of fun if you can explain to your neighbors why you’re crawling around on your belly trying to shoot UP to a mushroom. 🙂

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