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San Francisco Goes Mini


I couldn’t resist taking this shot of a cable car in San Francisco.  I’ve seen these things a million times so coming up with a new way to present them is sometimes a challenge.  We were enjoying a beautiful day on the deck when I got an idea to shoot the cable car straight down from above.  The photo was taken on my iPhone and processed in Snapseed and Pixlr Express.

Good to be back!

** ADDENDUM!  I made it to over 2,000 followers today! **

San Francisco Goes Mini

San Francisco Goes Mini



Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

73 thoughts on “San Francisco Goes Mini

  1. It’s when I see a scene like this that I really really want to buy a proper tilt-shift lens.

    Must resist.
    Must resist.
    Must resist.

  2. Oh wow I’m very impressed with this photo… brilliant…

  3. Oh wow I’m very impressed with this photo… pure brilliance…

  4. Very impressive (but I’m only going to say that once). I love the subject too.

  5. I love these miniature photos! One day I think I will own a tilt shift lens. I’m just not sure if or when. I don’t have any lenses in the line at the moment. I’ve looked at a few but haven’t really been committing myself to really wanting to purchase one as that leads to bad decisions on getting something I shouldn’t when I don’t have the funds. I still have to make that important decision on whether I’d get the proper amount of use out of it or if it would be one of those things where you take a few shots and decide that it’s just not really that great.

  6. Nice…probably I should try some of these apps as well…at the moment I am using my phone more in a snap shoot mode. Since I finally installed instagram two weeks ago I already started to do better but I still think I don’t use the full potential of my phone camera. But you seem to get some awesome shots with yours so I probably give it another try 🙂

    • I’ve never used Instagram. It’s the one social networking thing I don’t use! I need to get with the program. Phones can make nice snapshot memories these days. Thanks much for your comments. 🙂

  7. Laura, this is brilliant! I really want to start using my iPhone. Mine is only a 4s – would love to upgrade to a 5 for the better camera. Think that is next on my wish list. Anyway, love the photo 🙂 I’m traveling up the coast of California right now and will end just south of SF, but a visit is planned. Looking forward to seeing these wonderful cable cars and hearing the clanging of their bells! And congrats on 2000 – what lucky followers each of us is!

  8. CONGRATS on the 200 follower mark!
    I am one of your faithful followers. I love your pictures.
    This one is especially wonderful.
    I would say you succeeded in developing a fresh new take on the cars.

    • Thank you so much humptydumpty! I’m so glad you like my images and especially this one. Just goes to show you can have fancy equipment or not. Thanks again for following me. 🙂

  9. Congratulations on 2K followers – nice use of the tilt-shift app. Welcome back too!

  10. I love my hometown:)

  11. Very cool photo. Looks like a toy model. Nice!

  12. Awesome photo 🙂 but then you always take awesome photos.
    2000 followers??? Wow. I can only dream about that one.

    • Thanks Sue….the tiny cable car really does make me smile. I knew it was going to be a tilt-shift-type photo when I took it. Thanks re the followers. I think being on Leanne’s blog helped me a lot.

  13. Great shot Laura. Love the perspective. Where were you standing?
    Oh…congrats on reaching 2K. I’m proud of my PB 🙂

  14. Great fun picture, it is amazing what the phone apps will do these. Congratulations on the 2K 🙂

  15. Fabulous shot Laura. Gosh, I didn’t know about Snapseed … congrats on the 2,000. Well done 🙂

  16. I was going to link my “California on my Mind & Texas in my Heart” post here, but I checked and discovered that you have already seen it.
    Love that song by Tony Bennett: ‘I left my heart in San Francisco’

    Great photo Laura; brings back memories for me. Good ones.

    P.S. Congratulations on the 2K followers!

  17. Gorgeous shot of the cable car. I really hope those people don’t fall out. Standing on the edge so precariously like that. It must be a slow moving vehicle, then, and also since you captured it as if it was still. Love how you did it with an iPhone. Phones work wonders on images these days. Congrats on 2k followers, well deserved, Laura 🙂

    • I’m not sure if people ever have fallen out. It goes up some steep hills but people seem to hang on pretty good. 🙂 Thank you for your comments Mabel and the congrats too! 🙂

  18. Love it!! I rode one once!! 2000 followers!! Congratz!!!

  19. That’s such a fun photo Laura !

  20. beautiful photo, it’s quality from an iPhone is just amazing. Congrats on the milestone too – 2,000 is amazing!!!

  21. I find these images fascinating. Congrats on the 2,000th! I can only wish for half that many.

  22. “a streetcar named desire…” 🙂 I often miss Frisco, my favourite US city with Boston, Mass… 🙂

  23. Congratulations on the 200 followers and well done on this shot! Really helps capture the ‘commotion’ for those of us who cannot be there to experience it 🙂

    Thanks for sharing


  24. 2000** lol *kicks my typos*

  25. I looove tilt-shift shots. Which means I loooove this one! Nice use of the iPhone camera!

  26. what a cool photo Laura, and congratulations on your 2000 followers!

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