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Clouds ‘n Sunsets


Last night I went on a mission to capture a sunset from our local mountain, Mt. Diablo.  We had some really beautiful clouds going on and that doesn’t happen a whole lot around here at this time of year.  As I was driving up the mountain, I just “knew” I was going to get some nice shots.  Well, let’s say that I knew the opportunity would present itself.  Whether or not these are good shots is always up to debate. 🙂

Sometimes I fumble with my equipment.  I couldn’t find my step-up ring for my Hoya filter so I improvised by using my polarizing filter so I wouldn’t get such a harsh glare from the sun.  I don’t know why I can’t seem to prepare myself a bit more before I leave the house.  But all in all, it was nice to get out from behind the macro for a bit to take some sweeping photos of the beautiful area I live in.

Note about the 2nd and 3rd photos….you can see the fog rolling in over the hills from the San Francisco Bay.  It’s our natural air conditioner!

Hope you enjoy!


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Journey of a Body on this Earth

90 thoughts on “Clouds ‘n Sunsets

  1. Some wonderful color you caught there. We have the same phenomenon north of you where the fog sometimes blots out the sun and any hint of color, but occasionally it makes up for it with a pretty spectacular show like yours here.

    • It’s rare we get that here Gunta. It’s rare we get clouds this time of year actually. It happens, just not often. I was so excited to see them! Thank you 🙂

  2. Colour! Aha – beautiful 🙂

  3. Stunning colours you have captured. 🙂

  4. Stunning photographs. i particularly like the golden one.

  5. It’s been said before here but for good reason, these really are stunning!

  6. Who cares if you didn’t have the step up ring? These are great!

  7. I love the beautiful colours from the first photo. It’s like the nature (or it was the “diablo”?, hehe) would rained a subtle warm light upon the world.

  8. Love how you edited these, Laura, and created beauty, breathless at that. Great capture. Great enhancing. LOVE THIS. Thank you! Love, Amy

  9. It was humid here… I can’t stand hot and humid weather.

  10. Stunning shots, Laura! I like all three!

  11. these are some breathtaking shots! amazing, Laura 🙂

  12. beautiful colours Laura.

  13. Laura, one word only: marvelous! Have a great week, my friend!

  14. Wondrful pictures dear Laura 🙂

  15. Gosh those sunsets are amazing. thanks for sharing. vw

  16. Laura, these are absolutely beautiful. The third image has such an exceptional mood to it, but the colours in the first image are ultra spectacular. Really glad you shared these.

    • Thanks much Shane! I’m glad you liked them. I hadn’t even seen the pink clouds until after the sun just dipped down below the hills. I turned around and said to myself “wow”! 😀

  17. What a variety of nature’s colors – well captured Laura!

  18. Gorgeous shots Laura, I love the colors, especially the last one 🙂

  19. The colours are brilliant, I love taking sunsets yet I suffer from the same problem as you never have my kit prepared.

  20. No debate. Beautiful without a doubt. Photos a person can get lost in for hours. Thanks for sharing them. -Max-

  21. Great colours, and I love that sky in the first image 🙂

  22. Lush! Splendid! A treasury of bejeweled skies. You have a gift for these, my sweet.

  23. There is no debate. They are beautiful pictures.

  24. Ahh thank you for sharing these. Such a gorgeous few moments captured! That golden image is LOVELY. It’s no wonder you were fumbling, there was a lot of energy to capture 🙂

  25. Reblogged this on B.E.S.T. Arts Gallery and commented:
    Gorgeous work! Makes me feel like taking a deep breath…

  26. All three are breathtaking Laura. I need to get up there with you sometime. Bravo buddy 🙂

  27. Love that whole range of colours and cloud shapes in these 🙂

  28. Great captures Laura…..beautiful colours 😊

  29. Truly beautiful Laura!

  30. Beautiful Laura, I am the same I get somewhere its dark I am fumbling around in the dark and i always say to my self get organised before I leave home … I never do

  31. Great set of shots Laura and happy you stayed up to capture it! 😛

    I meant to get to this post sooner but just been really busy. I think the 50 hours a week is starting to wear on me a little. Always struggling to get enough sleep to function and keep up with everything. With the possibility of trying to get a into a new house and a new baby coming on the way, there will be even less time to keep up with everyone’s blogs. I find that at times I barely have enough to keep up with mine.

    • I totally understand that feeling! (Thanks btw for the compliment on the shots.) Sometimes blogs are very addicting and I feel like I “have to keep up”. Soon I will get a cold reality check of being away and then only commenting for awhile. I think I mentioned I have an upcoming surgery on August 12. I’ll be posting about it as it draws near. Prioroities should be with our families and definitely with your new baby! Just maybe do a bit less. That’s what I’m going to do very soon!

      • I hope everything goes well for you. I know that if we end up getting this other house that I’ll disappear for a couple of weeks just to get things done. We will also be giving up high speed internet as we would be moving to the country so I’m not sure where my blog will go from there. I know I’d have to upgrade to a smart phone. I don’t have one yet which is kind of crazy considering all the other technical devices I have. If I get one though, I think I might want to try the new Fire Phone as I have all amazon products so far. I’ll have to wait until after release and see what the reviews are though.

        As for the baby, they are due at the end of February so still got some time before that. I can’t wait to know what it is. We are all kind of hoping for a boy and my oldest says it has to be a boy because she wants a brother instead of another sister. lol. Either way, we just want healthy. 🙂

        • Aww that is so cute about your baby!!!! I’m happy for you! But no high speed internet???????? O_O I know that the government is trying to bring high speed to all parts of the country. Even our high speed isn’t like it is in many parts of the world like Korea. We have slow high speed compared to them.

          We won’t forget you and your blog. Heck, I won’t be around much after August 12 for awhile anyway. Maybe to comment but that’s about it.

          Keep us posted! you can definitely do that from a smartphone. I blogged from my hospital bed only hours after my surgery via my iphone with Siri lol. I started this blog as a knee replacement blog actually. Who knew it would morph into photography!

          Gotta run…have a good day!

  32. Laura…………..your mom wanted to let you know that we viewed these photos and thought they were all beautiful if different.

    Love…………Mom and Syl

  33. These are wonderful sunset pictures, Laura.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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