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Journey of a body on this earth

Standing Ground


I love how the wind blows over the California hills sometimes.  It sweeps it clean leaving only the strongest…from a small dry blade of grass with its roots firmly planted in the ground to a majestic oak.  It reminds me how with all the turmoil of life surrounding us, we have to be firmly rooted in our beliefs and hear our inner voice.  It’s there that we find our strength.

Standing Ground

Standing Ground




Author: lauramacky

Journey of a Body on this Earth

103 thoughts on “Standing Ground

  1. Such a fan of your work!

  2. Once I read your words, I found this image to be deep and profound…and I enjoy it so much more now.

  3. Where’s the love button? This is just gorgeous- and that’s not a word I use often. Wow! Your words that accompany this photo were not too shabby, either!

  4. Perfect, Laura! It soothes our inner thoughts in these times of turmoil. Thank you! 🙂

  5. LM…….very nicely done. I am usually not a fan of these motion blurred images, but this one sure changes my mind. Great vision and technique to put it all together…….j

  6. Lovely powerful image, Laura. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I like the abstract quality this image. Did you do some rotating of the camera?

  8. Whoa! That’s one incredible image, lady! And your words are perfect. I would frame this whole post if I could…Thanks!

  9. Quite an emotional image even without the explanation. Just stunning!

  10. The image leaves a lot to imagination – a good thing Laura!

  11. And it’s hot too.. I hope they don’t send me to Concord this afternoon…

  12. sweet inspiration, Laura!
    for some reason
    i feel a little shaky
    looking at it, though 🙂

  13. A very profound thought to accompany a thought-provoking image. Thank you.

  14. Amazing photo!

  15. Ooooh I like what you’ve done with this.

  16. A resounding yes in agreement 🙂
    Such a memorable post – image and words. Perfect Laura!!

  17. Awesomeness Laura.
    Love your work.

  18. Swept away by the image…

  19. sucked in or swept away….can’t decide.
    fab Laura.

  20. nicely abstract, interesting image.

  21. beautiful

  22. Phweeee that’s a great feeling in there Laura !
    Words just perfect .

  23. Gorgeous interpretation of the incredible strength and motion of our inner voice. The more rooted in that space we are, the deeper the life experience! Yay for getting deep 🙂

  24. very profound Laura both words and photo!

  25. Love what you’ve done with the photo … looks a vicious wind…

  26. Nicely done my friend! Great words too 🙂

  27. Sensational Laura! I would love this framed on my wall to look at every day, together with you your words; an inspiring Sunday post. Beautiful 🙂

  28. Such beautiful words Laura. And the photograph is truly amazing!

  29. Beautiful work, Laura! You’ve really managed to capture the movement and color of our summer landscape.

  30. Indeed, Laura, we can learn from nature, if we can see, hear and feel. Very nicely done, a photo with a lesson for all.

  31. Beautiful abstract, Laura!

  32. Beautiful what you did with this image and it is perfect, just so powerful with the words you spoke of. The Inner Place and all else flows from that place. Incredible, Laura, what I have read and have seen here today. Thank you. Love, Amy

    • Thank you for your kind words Amy. It’s not often I can take down the “funny mask” and show a bit of what goes on inside. I’m more comfy being funny. But thank you…I appreciate it!!

      • You should show more of the “serious deep”, Laura. Look how many responded to this post, just look at the comments. Many were touched, and that is what it is all about. Touching and encouraging those who view your work, to help them with their own lives. At least this is how I see it. It’s scary to show our vulnerable and deep sides, yet when we do, so many Hearts “sigh” and say OH YES! With Love, Amy

        • Thank you amy :). I also hope my funny side lifts people up and puts a smile on their faces. Sometimes I like to change it up but mostly it’s easier for me to be on the perky side. It distracts me from my own baggage. Thank you for your encouraging words….another more serious one will be next week. Hugs Amy!

  33. Such brilliant motion in this piece Laura!

  34. I didn’t notice it at first but after looking at it again it looks like a dragon’s head where everything is spinning together. Fits perfectly together with the words as it’s like it’s standing its ground against all the turmoil coming at it. Great job Laura!

  35. Well done. Very impressive. Hugs, Barbara

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